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Help now desperate !

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Ive had a cat from a rescue centre now for about 8wks she is 11moths old and has only know a room with other cats, she doesnt seem to know how to play or be stroked basically she is unsocialised.
She doesnt meow or spit or make any sound she just hides all day in a box ive made for her, I keep her in the conservatory as I was advised not to let her out for a while as she will run. She eats very well, but other than that she constantly hides and seems permanetly fearful, Ive started giving her rescue remedy but she will not respond to us she just stares infact sometimes it feels like she hates us which breaks my heart cause I just want to love her but it feels like im being cruel cause she seems so unhappy. Ive tried lots of thing recommended on her by you guys which Im very grateful for but Im running out of options. Ive tried dangling toys at a distance, laying down at her level, yawining at her without eye contact, talking softly, just leaving her be, Im completely stuck. Do you think bring a kitten into the scene would help maybe show her how to behave?

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Hi and welcome to TCS!

Do you know the background on your cat at all? It sounds like she could have been semiferal at one time.

We have many members that have experience with this.

Some of the links at this site may help
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She has been brought up in a rescue centre since birth she was taken from a feral mother and has only know the room and a cat run all her life.
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Get a 6' piece of fat cord or thin rope. Tie a knot at both ends and then put one end more or less in front of her and you sit at the far end. Cover most of the rope with a large sheet of newspaper and slowly wiggle the rope towards you under the paper. And do it again. If she can resist pouncing on it, I'd be very surprised! Also get a 'Da Bird' toy, long thin flexible stick with feathers on the end and wiggle it low down in front of her. Slowly pull it away if she shows any interest, but do let her catch it and then start over. Get creative and good luck. Don't try to pet her or anything though... let her come to you eventually. You could speed that up a bit by holding a chunk of nice smelly tuna nearby til she comes to take it from you, but just let her do it, don't grab out for her or anything.
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Just sit and talk to her, or read a book out loud near her. When you aren't around, play soft music to soothe her. Keep her in a quiet area, I don't know what a conservatory is but just a small room where you can sit with her and do the reading. That often help them get used to your voice. Don't rush her, let her come to you. Continue to care for her and feed her, make it obvious that YOU are feeding her. Pour her food in front of her, dish out some nice smelly wet food in front of her.

As long as she is eating and otherwise healthy, just be patient.
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It sounds like your baby has had a very stressful life until coming home with you! I know it seems like you've been patient forever after two whole months, but keep at it, she'll come around.
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I am going through the same thing right now. My cat came to us from a rescue group. She had been someone's pet as a kitten, but was abandoned into a feral colony. The first few days she wanted to hide, I let her but I'd sit a few feet away and talk to her. I'd reach over to her, but I wouldn't pick her up, I'd just pet her for a few minutes. Now she comes out when I call her, but stays hidden for a large part of the day.

I discovered she is braver at night. I've concentrated my efforts to socialize her after the sun goes down. She stays in the bedroom areas where it's quiet, and where she has to get used to our presence, even if we're just sleeping. In the middle of the night, she's started sleeping at the foot of the bed. She LOVES the bathroom (I think it's the running water), and comes out whenever I'm in there. She also loves it when I dangle a shoestring. She'll chase it all over the room. She gets very vocal now if I won't play with it.

But we have to be safely asleep before she will eat or use her litter, and she won't roam outside the bedrooms. I think it's just gonna take a lot of time and patience. It makes me feel bad that she feels so confined, so I can sympathize.
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