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Bless your sweet heart for caring so much for her. I am sure she knows how much you love her. Not past tense, because that love is forever.

Stay strong. You may not think you are, but time will show you some relief.
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I'm so very sorry. You did what was best for her. It was her time and you did the very best and most loving thing you could possibly do for her. You found the strength and courage and love to let her go in peace and with dignity. I do know what your feeling.Its one of the hardest things to ever have to do.
Please don't second doubt what you did. It was her time. Hugs for you...
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I was thinking of you today around 4 pm. Do not regret that you put her out of her misery. Looking at all the symptoms you mentioned, she was really at the end of her rope. 17 is so old for a cat, and just the fact she was not sleeping next to you anymore indicates a lot.

I hope the vet and his-her team were supportive and that Mozel went peacefully. I am sure she is waiting for you in her own Paradise.

Best of strengths,

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I'm so sorry to be getting in on this so late. 17 is a wonderful old age for a kitty. I just can't imagine how wonderful a life she must have had with you! For the first time ever, I had to put a kitty down last year. He was barely 6 months old. It was so hard and so horrible. But be assured, that the peace you feel at the end ISN'T your being relieved it is over. It is true peace for your baby. You will cry, and your tears testify your love for Mozel. That is only natural, and you and she would have it no other way. But she will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you, and in the meantime, just think how free from pain and young she will feel. And playing with all our beautiful Rainbow Bridge kitties. Hugs Kim
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OH Gail, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Mozel was absolutely beautiful and must have brought you so much joy. I too had to let go of my 15 yr. old Tabby, Nermal this past Saturday. I've had nearly every emotion since (mostly sadness and tears), so I can certainly relate to your pain. I hope it gets easier, but you can bet we'll never forget our special girls......... Sending more virtual hugs your way {{{}}}, Lori
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Gail don't worry sweetie, Mozel is safely over Rainbow Bridge now playing with all the other cats and kittens

It's sad that the vet wasn't more sympathetic towards the situation though, but don't let that bother you because were here and that's all that counts
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The best gift you could ever give is the gift of love. You gave that to Mozel her whole life and now she is free from the pain and suffering. The final hours are always the hardest and you will always wonder if you made the right choice.

We know how hard it is but we also know that we can't second guess ourselves during such events. Providing freedom from a life of suffering is the greatest gift for a loved one but it does come at a high emotional expense. But without the emotion we wouldn't be human.

RIP Mozel. Watch over Gail and help her through this emotional period since she really misses you.
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Gail, you did the right thing; ending Mozel's was the greatest act of kindness you could have possibly given her.

She has gone on to that wonderful and special place called the Rainbow Bridge, and she is at peace.

Your love for Mozel will NEVER die, but the loss will become less painful with time. You will always remember her, and she will live on forever in a special place in your heart.
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I am so sorry. Please dont feel like you failed her though, and you certianly weren't selfish, in fact the opposite - you knew she wasn't enjoying life and that there was nothign more that could be done for her, so you had to do the final act of love we give our pets, and it is hard. It is odd to feel at peace when a cat passes over, but I think it is because you know they were suffering, and that is no longer the case, nothing else.
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i had to help my best friend of 15 years over the rainbow bridge in december and its so hard i miss her so much
im so sorry for your loss but you did what had to be done
time is a great healer i no longer cry everyday just everyother day!!
but really it does get easier and this site sure does help
just remember you did the right thing you stopped the pain and suffering and you should be proud of that
thinking of you xx
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Mozel was a very beautiful girl. My heart breaks for you at this terribly difficult time, but please remember Mozel is free from any pain and suffering and happily watching over you and wanting you to be happy. Please take care of yourself.
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I can’t even imagine losing a cat after having it so long, but I will one day. I had to deal with a loss only after 2 months with my Bradley and it was terribly hard, but he left room for another cat (Brutus) for us to love and appreciate even more, as I am sure yours will. Brutus' and my thoughts are with you and all those who are near the inevitable loss of their furry kitty friends.
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Thank you for your kind words. It is really hard, and even though it was probably for the best, I still feel terribly guilty and remorseful. Two years ago I had to put my other geriatric cat down, and I waited so long because I couldn't do it, that she was so emaciated and weak it was a crime. I didn't want to repeat that mistake, and make Mozel suffer like that, but I can't help thinking that maybe she had a chance to survive and I didn't give it to her. I feel the same way as I did with Sparky, that I made so many mistakes, and that it is my fault they got sick in the first place. intellectually, I know this is totally out of our control , but emotionally I blame myself.
Anyway, thank you for your support. I really needed it and it helped me tremendously.
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Sorry for your loss. You needn't be so hard on yourself - I read the earlier threads and saw Mozel's picture - a beautiful cat that clearly was loved and well taken care of. Letting go is never easy. I lost one of my cats to FeLV a few months ago and still wish I had known more about the disease and prevention of same. Allow yourself to mourn and grieve for Mozel and don't think of things you could have done, rather think of all you did do; the ultimate being the last act of caring and kindness one can do for one's beloved pet by letting them "cross the bridge" humanely.
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You have done a very hard but very honorable thing.
You have chosen to release Mozel from her pain and take her suffering on yourself in the form of sadness, guilt and remorse.
And after a time, you will be able to let go of that pain and hurt in the same way you were able to let Mozel be free from hers.
Take the time you need to grieve and heal and feel your emotions and think of a happy memory of you and Mozel to help you through this difficult time.

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Originally Posted by robyns5cats
Please someone help me, I have 4 babies, I found out 3 days ago after I noticed she had been breathing hard, shallow and fast, that she has tumors in her lungs. She has lost weight in the past 2 weeks,She's my petite little girl and God help me, I love her the most, She loves me too, I can't put her down evevn though I know I have to, I can't deal with this, I can't imagine my life without her. Please someone tell me to get the strength and be at peace with this, I have been praying to our Heavenly Father about this and still no peace robyns5cats
Oh, Robyn - bless you for your great love. I am adding my prayers to yours , that you be given the truest love of all - the love to let go. May you find the courage and strength to do what MUST be done - and SOOON! She is suffering and it is in your power to release her into her well-deserved reward. And know that an entire world-community is here at TCS, waiting to help you and comfort you during the bleak hours ahead. Our Father loves all his creatures, and He has a special place for your little baby - He who made Grand Canyon, and Hawaii, and ever so many other wonderful places here on earth, has made an even more wonderful place for those who pass on. Please keep us posted! Your courage will be an inspiration to others! Susan
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The previous post said it all and ever so eloquently. Sadly, Robyn you are in a situation many of us have been in before and so there is an outpouring of empathy and support for you. I hope and pray that you are able to allow your beloved kitty move on into a world where there is no pain, no discomfort, and as my vet said when I had to make the decision, "no more hurties." It is so hard but it is the last act of love you can bestow on your faithful companion. Prays and hugs to you during this difficult time.
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Mozel was a beautiful girl. She lived a long wonderful life. It was her time to go. You did honor her by helping over the Rainbow Bridge. You did all the right things. It will get easier to remember her.
I rescue older persian cats. Most people want the yonger ones. But I prefer to help the older ones. Sometimes their former owners die & they are confused as to what happened. I make their last few years comfortable.
It is never easy, but I try to make their passing easy.
You did the right thing for Mozel. She is already thanking you.
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It continues to hurt so much. I am sad and depressed. It is hard to find joy in anything. I keep remembering her final hours and it kills me. Everything reminds me of her and the euthanasia. I can be driving somewhere and see or hear something and then I'n bawling and crying. I know it is necessary to grieve, but I/ve had enough. thank you all for your support and I hope this thread will help others that have to go through this. I know before I posted I read many threads on the rainbow bridge forum and it helps to know everyone experiences the same doubt and recrimination and devastation. It is also helpful to recieve so much support and kindness. thank you
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It's bound to hurt still Just take it one day at a time and you will get there.

Always remember that Mozel is having fun over the bridge now with all the other cats there
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