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Update on Sponge

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I thought I would give you guys an update on poor little Sponge. I just about had a nervous breakdown earlier. I couldnt find her for 2 hours. I had searched every room, closet, cabinet, anywhere I thought she could get and I couldnt find her anywhere. My husband, kids, and I were all looking. I finally just broke down, scared to death that something had happened to her. I sat down here at the computer and my curtains behind my computer started moving. I got up and looked and somehow she had squeezed herself behind my computer desk. She came right out, so she wasnt stuck. I took her to the bedroom to check her out and see how she was doing. I went to feel her stomach and she didnt like that at all. She wanted me to sit right there and scratch her head. I felt to see if her milk had came in yet and she didnt like that, i had barely touched her. She stood up and put her head to my hand. while i was petting her i lifted up her tail and she looks really swollen tonight and there was some fresh blood. It wasnt like leaking all over the place or anything. It really looked like she had been licking herself and it was just kinda smeared. (does that make sense?) so I told my husband that during the day she needs to be locked in out bedroom at all times so the dogs and other cat cant get near her. Plus we are not in there very often during the day. then at night she needs to be locked in our bathroom (its in our bedroom). The dogs sleep in our floor at night on there beds so I dont want her in the same room as them if she was to go into labor.
She doesnt want to be touched anywhere except for her head. Does anyone know why?
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Sounds like it will be very soon if she has bloody discharge.
*Usually* within 12 hours, but I had one cat who had discharge for a week before delivery everytime. She just wanted to keep me guessing LOL
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I started noticing a little blood i believe it was 2 days ago. It was just a little dried blood, not much at all. Tonight it looked like a little more than what was there before but still not very much.
Do you know why she doesnt want me touching her any where except for her head? from starting at her belly and back, i cant touch. When I try to she will move. I was thinking maybe if she is just very uncomfortable or if she is starting to hurt or something is why she is like that but I dont know. I have never been through this before.
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I don't think I've had a cat that minded me touching it during pregnancy or even labor.... is she eating and drinking ok?
My guess is she is just uncomfortable... she may be having contractions starting.
If you sit with her and watch her for a while, do you see her belly getting very tight and hard at regular intervals?
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She isnt eating very much at all tonight. She is still drinking, not as much as she normally does but still drinking more than she is eating. I went back there again a few minutes ago to sit with her for a little bit to watch her but my husband and my 1yr old came back there and we started playing around. I didnt even think about her being there while we were jumping around on the bed and just playing with Cailyn. When I realized it may be bothering her we stopped and sure enough I think it was bothering her. She was standing at the door wanting out really bad. So we came back in here. I am going to give her a few minutes to get ok again and then I will go sit with her and watch her real close. I feel bad about upsetting her but I didnt think anything of it. I bet I wont forget again though.
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Ok, I just went and watched and didnt notice her stomach doing anything different. I did notice though that she isnt putting her tail down while she is standing. When she stands up she holds her tail out away from her or its sticking up. I'm going on to bed and hopefully we will have babies in the morning!
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How is Sponge doing? Still nothing happening? Has she been back to the vet to be checked? I thought for sure she'd have popped by now.
Keep us updated!
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Nope, nothing happening here. She is very miserable though. Lastnight and today she has just wanted me to be right there with her and rub her head. She has even been letting me rub her belly. When I go to leave the room she meows really loud. It's quite sad. I was going to take her to the vet tomorrow (if she could get in) and have them do an x-ray so I can see about when she may have them and about how many she may be having but I have changed my mind after reading a post on here about cats having x-rays. So I will just wait and be suprised when she has them and how many she has. I really thought she would of had them by now too but I dont know when she got pregnant. I can only go by how big she is and how she is acting.

Oh, her new favorite place to be during the day is on my bed!
How are is your momma cat and kittens doing?
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They are doing really good! I have to keep a close eye on Kassie's incision though. She had some draining of fluid the first day then I took her back in for that on Friday cuz I noticed the end of the incision was open, so they put some skin glue on it. Last night I noticed it had some oozing in the center of the incision when I was giving her her meds. But today it looks nice and clean and dry. If I see anymore than I will be calling the vet AGAIN in the morning. Aside from the incision, she is doing good.

I hope Sponge is not having any problems with delivering. After going through what I went through with Kassie it just scares me to think what could've happened to her had I not taken her in. I'm not trying to scare you, but keep a close eye on whatever is coming out of her; be it water, blood, a mixture of both, etc. Any concerns then call the vet. Kassie lost the mucous plug early one day and had been having the contractions on and off, then the next day in the evening she starting leaking a watery bloody fluid and when I called they said she'd probably deliver through the night and if not to take her in the next morning. She was again having the contractions on and off, but I never noticed any pushing. Maybe an xray would've showed the baby that was lodged sideways in her, but maybe not.

Sponge will be in my prayers for a safe delivery! I'll keep an eye out for updates on her progress. You take care!
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Thank You!

I hope Kassie keeps doing good.
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Poor Nikki i bet you are exhausted..Give Sponge a belly rub from me and update us on the babies. Fingers are crossed
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how is sponge please update.
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Any kittens yet?
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been almost a week since she was here hope all is ok.
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Sorry guys that I havent had a chance to get on here. I have been really busy. She still hasnt had her kittens yet. No signs of labor or anything. I really thought she was going to have them last week but she never did. She is SO huge now. She does nothing but lay around and move from place to place. I will update as soon as she has them.
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GRRR Sponge comon we want to see sponge babies
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Can you post us a picture of mom...
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Here is two pictures I just took of Sponge. She is laying under my nephews walker, so its kinda hard to see her real good and I didnt use flash b/c she normally gets up and moves when I use flash, she doesnt like it. I didnt want to bother her and make her move.


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Awwwwwwwwwww, she's so pretty with her big ol' belly! Hmmm, I say she'll have 3-4 babies. All the movement is real great news! I would just keep a close eye on her.
You take care!!!
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How is she doing today.
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She is doing fine.
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She is soooo beautiful!! I hope she has those babies soon! keep us updated!!
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Well it is Monday soon hope she poops
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how is Sponge? I've been busy with helping my daughter with the baby and have not had a whole lot of time on the computer but I wanted to pop in to check on Sponge and Skittles.
I hope she is doing ok. Please let me know when you get a chance! I read through the posts but I might have missed it if she already delivered.
Take care;
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Skittles still prego
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hi everyone. I am so sorry i have updated. I havent been able to get on here in a week or so. my kids and husband have been sick. Sponge still hasnt had her babies. She just walked throught the kitchen a couple of minutes ago and has some slimy stuff hanging out of her. i was in shock. i will keep everyone updated i promise. not sure if it will be today but i will try to get on tomorrow. its hard with kids and husband being sick all at the same time.
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Keeping everything crosssed for you and Sponge. I wonder who will be first - sponge or Skittles!
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At this rate Skittles will be prego forever Sponge you go mommy... I bet she goes first Skittles has no slimy stuff
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Oh GL to sponge. sounds close with the slimey stuff! LOL

((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) for Nikki with the sick hubby and kids!
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sponge is having contractions really bad. its so sad. she just looks at me and does this sad meow everytime she has one.they are really close together. she is wanting me to stay right there with her so i may not be able to give an update until after she has them. i know for sure she is in labor this time. there is stuff coming out really, really bad.
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