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Booda query

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Is Booda ok for this size cat? He's big!

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What's the full name of the box you're asking about? I can check out if they have a manual or some kind of information online that I can find that will say size requirements/limitations.
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Ok, go to this site: http://www.aspenpet.com/default.htm

They have a customer service section where you can email them to ask your question of them directly. I couldn't find any weight/size requirements or any sort of manual that would say. I hope that helps!
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Thank you so much- very kind of you
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Oh, you're welcome! Always happy to help!
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The Booda Dome is a pretty small covered litterbox. I wouldn't suggest it for a large cat. Although people who have them say the steps work pretty good at controlling litter tracking.
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I was going to say that I have an almost 14 lb cat, that uses it, but I just thought about it and realized I've never actually seen him in it! I know zakk uses it, but he is not even 10 pounds. We have 5 boxes- one regular tray, a petmate covered, and two tidy cats boxes along with the booda.
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I just bought one and my 25 lb cat does fit into it. So I would deffinately day that your smaller than my cat would fit.
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I got one recently with the steps up the side for our Bijou who is 7.3 KG (that's 16.09 lbs.). I finally don't have all the litter on the floor in front of the litter container. I believe the Boodas may come in different sizes but don't quote me - worth checking out.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
... I believe the Boodas may come in different sizes but don't quote me - worth checking out.
Hmmmmm.....that may be, and I didn't know it. I was basing my comment on the one I saw at Petsmart.
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Its so difficult to know what to get! The Booda looks ideal but seeing that if i get one I have to order it from the US (im in the UK and can't seem to locate Booda's here).... I just want to make sure its worth it. Thanks for your input guys!
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