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Equal Rights for Women-Curse or Blessing?

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Obviously there is no such thing as equal rights for women, because our salaries and consideration for high ranking positions are still below par. There has been some movement in that direction though, most visible in government and T.V. anchor positions. However, what I have discovered is that most women earn no more money than before, but it is expected that they will have a job outside the home and then do all the cooking, childcare, and housework anyway.

Between teaching jobs, I sold high priced, famous concert pianos. I was the best salesperson the company had, and one of the best educated. Our manager quit, and a young friend of mine (a man) and I ran the store together. I balanced the register, ordered music, and kept the place organized. We were both good salespeople, but he had never equaled my sales. His hobby was comic books, so he kept them in his Steinway Piano book, and he had a habit of being late any time he knew I was scheduled to open. I helped to train him, and we were good friends and a good team. He had 3 months of college, was a saxophone player and had one year's experience. I taught piano and voice and had 5 and a half years experience. Guess who got promoted to manager? He did. Guess who walked out? You guessed it. I did. That was three years ago. I went back to teaching for half the money rather than work for someone who hadn't grown up yet, but was a MAN. P.S. He was fired a few months later for being late, not balancing the register, not ordering music, etc.
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That just stinks.

I'm sorry.
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That just isn't fair at all.
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I agree that was not fair at all! It's kind of like where the people who *itch and complain and dont do didly at work get the best reviews, while the hard workers don't get squat or get reqarded with more work an "ok" review. What's wrong with employers?
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I obviously think part of the reason was that he was a man, but he did know how to kiss bu-- too!
The worst of this inequality thing is that my most men don't think they should have to cook dinner or do housework. Even if they get home first and have hours to watch tv, when you come home they want to know, "What's for dinner?" My answer was, "What did you cook for me?" He's a good guy and I love him, but tradition is hard to fight!
There are very few homes that make it on one income, either.
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I have ten years experienc doing what I do, plus it is a very broad-based experience. My previous ten year's work was in a closely related field, so I have, in effect, 20 years of experience. I have 5 years of previous management experience in my field, and had three years of previous supervisory experience in my previous field.

My boss has a few month's worth of experience, and his previous experience does not remotely relate to what he is doing now.

My MALE boss.

Furthermore, he can't understand why I don't want to put in overtime every Saturday. Actually, I want and need the overtime (being a single mother and all) but I want to come in early and/or leave late and/or work through lunch during the week.

He can't understand that I have to clean house, take the kid shopping for new clothes, do haircuts, do soccer games, do the grocery shopping, get the car inspected, fix the leak in the washer, etc. on Saturday.

He can come in because his WIFE is doing all that crap while he's at work on Saturday.

Since he has no obligations EXCEPT work, it's no bother for him to come in a few hours on Saturday morning.

And he thinks it's the same for me. I don't know who he thinks is doing my grocery shopping, and I have yet to see any dishwaher fairies scurrying around my kitchen.
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