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Catnip ???

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HI, I read some where that some cat nip is better then others because the good catnip will use the flower, where as the bad will use the stems and so forth. If that is the case, where can I get some good catnip? I don't like getting it offline, so if you know of any pet stores that sell it that would be great. I got some from petsmart, and my cats don't really care for it. But this site said that might happen when you use the stem. Does any one know anything about this.
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One of our sponsors, Plain Brown Tabby sells organic catnip. You can click on their link at the bottom of this forum. They have an excelling "Catnip FAQ" page.
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Honestly, the big stores don't carry the good stuff because the good stuff doesn't come in the quantities that the big chains need to stock all of their stores. If you don't want to shop online (Plain Brown Tabby carries excellent products, and is secure. The owner and operator is a long standing member here too! ), see if there are any small, privately owned pet supply or higher end pet boutiques in your area.
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It is easy to grow your own, it will grow in a window box if you don't have a garden.

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I always got some from the pet store and my cat never seemed to care for it...now I know why. Thanks!
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I get a little tub of it from Petsmart. They like it. I think about 25% of cats don't inherit the gene that responds to catnip so that could be a possibility as well. Autumn, Hope, and Clover like catnip (varying degrees) where Meeka could really care less about it.
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Thanks for telling me about Plain Brown Tabby. I went to the site, and it gave me a lot of good info. I didn't know that not all cats have the inherit gene. The other thing I did, was give it to my guys when they were too young to realy know what it was for. I guess you have to give it to them after they are at least 6 months old. So I am going to try them on some stuff that I am going to get from our small pet store in town. God bless

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