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Too much excitement for one day!!

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Oooooo guys!! Yesterday was a good day for me! First of all, (after that actual boring day at work...) hubby picks me up (which is always good as it takes at least two hours off my journey home!!) BUT then he says he's got a surprise for me but I can't have it until next week..... so naturally I keep on and on and on at him... :LOL: and naturally, he gives in.. ... anyway... can anyone guess what the surprise is?!?!?!? Its furry..... and it meows.....??!??! YES!! hopefully *fingers crossed* next week, we will be bringing home a one year old persian female!! The lady who firt bought her has now split up with her huband so cannot keep her (hmm ) so, she's back with the breeder,- my hubby just so happens to be fitting a kitchen in the breeders house....soooo.....YIPEEEE!!!! She's apparently a blue tortie, spayed, vaccinated etc etc.... Its not 100% definate yet, but about 95% :LOL:..... PLUS... we saw our solicitor last night and got a move date!!! Yipee!! We move on the 31st of this month!!! Only two weeks to go!!! (we're going to see if the breeder can hold the kitty until we move in, then it won't be so bad for her to meet the other six, as they'll all be on new territory....)
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You're really lucky to be getting another new baby! She sounds like a very beautiful cat, and of course we want to see pictures of her as soon as you can post them.
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Ooooh... I envy you! I wish hubby would set me up with such a surprise. Actually, we've decided not to add another cat as it would stress our Mishmish too much.

Where are you moving to Rhea? You'e probably mentioned before, but I've missed out on so many threads...
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Thanks Lorie and Anne
Im moving to house closer to my work, so no-where amazing, but we love the house and are just fed up of waiting!!! ARGH! Its bigger than our current house and I can't wait to decorate it (made my plans already hahaha... colour schemes and all!!)
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Yeah Bod! How exciting an new home and a new cat all in one fell swoop! Lucky you!
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So, you're an expectant kitty mother! How many kids--I mean kits do you plan to have? Can you afford to send them all to Kittergarten? Seriously, I'm really happy that you're getting a new and elegant baby for the new house.
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OMG OMG!! GUYS!!!!!! This little kitty I was telling you about.... weellll we picked her up last night!!!! We were going to see if they could just keep her until we'd moved but they didn't want to and were going to give her to the rescue centre, so we just took her home there and then!! The info about her I gave above... is wrong... hahaha - I was too excited to listen to hubby properly when he was telling me about her :LOL: , but anyway, she is a Persian cross - her mother was a Blue Tortie Persian, but she got pregnant by a stray Tom, my little girl has the body/coat of a persian, but not the "pug" face, she is soooo beautiful, and she is almost chocolate in colour!! - she has hints of red and blue but the overall colour is chocolate
She is SOOO cute, and SOO friendly!! I just can't believe they want to just give her away...the only problem is that she is SOOOO matted - but I will post in the care/grooming forum about that. We have decide to call her Truffle and she looks like one!! I should have pics sometime soon, so as soon as I have them , I will post them!!
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I'm glad you were able to bring the cat home right away. Hopefully she'll be able to fit right in with the rest of your cats. :rainbow:
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Congrats on the new addition. And I just wanted to say I love the name Truffle. That is very unique and quite cute.
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Oh Rhea! Thats so exciting! A new kitty! I wish Mika would surprise me with a new kitty. I'm jealous. Thats good news that you got your move date. You must not be able to wait to decorate everything. How fun that will be. Post pics when you move and get settled in.
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Truffle is an adorable name! Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see some pictures of her!!!!
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