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Originally Posted by winterandsmokey
i read that some people put cardboard there to block it off.
I could but it is easier to just take the frame out. Besides Skittles is super slick
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i know winter it to smart for her own good. I was at a friends house for the weekend so i took them with. My friend lives in a trailer and in her bathroom there is a wall by the toilet that has an acsess panel for the water shut off vavle. she peeled it open got under her trailer and because it sits on a cement block she broke out everything by the c/a unit to get out. that is one smart cat.
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Any news today?
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she has been hiding all day she came out looked at me as to say you are still here. I think she is waiting for me to leave so she can be alone. I guess i will run my erands need to get some groceries and need to run to petco which is 25 miles from here. last night i was laying on the floor watching a little tv. she came over for me to pet he and as i pet her i felt something hard on her tail. I looked at it and it was not any fecal matter so maybe some discharge she would not allow me to look at her vulva.
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Originally Posted by winterandsmokey
thank you very much. Everyone has been a great help to me this time.
Hi, i was just reading over your posts and was wondering if she's had her lil' kittys yet? My princess had hers 4 weeks ago, wow what an experience, i had to deliver every single one.. (5 babies)

you let me know if theres anything i can do, i will be glad to walk you through...

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that is a sure sign she will probably have them tonight. i will almost guarentee she's having em' tonight, thats exactly what my cat did to the tee... she practicly sat on my neck until she was ready to go to her nesting spot and had them... i was up all night with her while she was in labor because i couldn't leave her sight, so i just slept on the couch until she had them which was the next morning at 5:30 am uggg.. ha ha

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Winter mom while you are out I need so j/k

She still has not had those babies. Poor baby.. Keep me posted.
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no babies yet. It is getting close but no go yet. hoping tonight as i have my nephews baptism tomorrow and don't want to gone all that long and i am worried if i leave for to long she may have some kind of complications and I have over an hour drive one way to the baptism and there is a birthday party to follow.
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I bet she delivers then
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how is skittles doing today? any signs of delivering?
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nothing yet.. She is just miserable. Her tummy looks a little rearranged. Does that make sence..

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winter has a very obvious clump of kittens in her tummy. you feel them it is really weird.
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I see the babies I count 8 and she is super low now...
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sounds like she is getting very close. good thing for her. with her being so uncomfortable.
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She did eat a little today.
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it does sound like she is getting really close.
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I figure I will keep an eye on her and let her be. How she does ok. I check her tets in the morning when I rub her belly but today she said NO...
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winter has not been letting me do any of that to her at all. she is just sleeping on the floor trying to keep cool i think. I am starting to think she is gonna be pregnant forever.
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LOL how long now. Did the vet said last week poor thing.
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he has said he thought she would have them in 7 days no more than ten days. yesterday was 7 days. I guess I will take her in on monday if she has not had them yet. so i am keeping my fingers crossed.
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give her time...Even at 10 days she might not want to give them, up yet
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Anything happening with Winter?

I would really love to se a pic of her
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not much. she has me so confused. she will hide all day and not eat anything making me think she will be having them and then all of a sudden the next day she is out and about eating and playing with smokey. I know she is huge.
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Ya Skittles is doing the same but not eatting.. Moves in very slo mo.
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yes i know that very well. winter has gotten very big. I hope she has them this week. I will call the vet in the morning and see how long I should continue to let her go. she is getting very crabby. she will not even allow me to brush her anymore. She did let my daughter brush her today and that was good as she is a medium hair cat and had some dead hair on her neck and got really mad at me for wanting to brush her out. she just kinda mopes around waiting to give birth. she has started to eat a little more again which is good as she has not been doing very much of that lately. she is still drinking plenty of water. I have not seen her use the litter box lately so I moved one of them into the kitchen hoping I will be able to surpervise that way a little better. having two cats it is hard to tell who is using it. I will try to post a picture of her tomorrow. I have never done this before so we will see how that goes. I will also try to post one of smokey her sister (same litter) so you can see how big she is as she is normally a little smaller than smokey. when they weighed when i took her to the vet at that time she had already gained 2lbs. and that was a week and a half ago.
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If correct they are both pregnant right... Let me know what vet says...
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not sure. if smokey is she is not showing yet. smokey has learned to get her paw on the bottom of the screen door and pry it open. either way i need to get over my fear of having them spayed. i know that the vet killing my family's dog during it neuterd surgery is not something that happens on a regular basis but it does scare me it could happen to me. cats are to over populated and can't keep trying to find them good homes. we have three strays that come to our house for food as it is. i will post there pictures in a couple of hours making lunch right now and have to give my aunt a ride home from the hospital she had surgery. I will post them after that. how is skittles today?
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She is super loaded. She seems to be caring different Like really low and toward her back side. She is letting me message and itch her belly all over weird...
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i need help on how to post the pictures of winter
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go to www.photobucket.com open a free account upload them. They will give you a link to post here.
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