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Beagle with dysplasia?

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Hello everyone!!!
We took our Daisy, our 1 year old beagle, in today to the vet because she has been having some trouble with her hips. We werent sure if she had arthritis or what. They did some xrays to rule out dysplasia and he said he thinks she looks pretty good but they did see some arthritis in her right hip. He gave me deramaxx for her when she is in pain and he said that should work. He told me its common for beagles to have hip problems. I had never heard that before. Does anyone know what they do for arthritis over time and if it turns into dysplasia what they might do?
Thanks......I have another follow up in a week but these are some of the things Ive been thinking of.

Poor baby had to stay there all day to get her Xrays.....then to come home to her furbaby sister who is spraying all over........sigh.......rough day for Daisy. Then tomorrow AM Daisy has another appt. at a clinic for her shots. Feel like Im picking on her or something.The vet was awesome though. It was only $135 for her appt today and I thought it would be so much more. But with the trouble with the cat right now we just dont have any extra cash at all now. Oh with pets.
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Aww I hope Daisy feels better soon! Hip dysplasia is a terrible thing.. I have a 14 year old GSD who has it quite bad now...

Hip dysplasia is quite common in Beagles I think.. In case you didn't know ,it is just when the hips aren't set quite right in the joint sockets. Because of this, after a while it starts to wear away at the bone and cause terrible pain!

It is because of bad breeding.. Not necessarily puoppy mills, but from people who over-breed their dogs and therefore cause deformities such as this!
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Wow thanks.........nope didnt know that. We adopted Daisy from a No Kill shelter when she was three months old. So we have had her for over a year. Thats so sad to me that shes just a year old and having troubles like this. They say the pills are a wonder and will help her alot when she overdoes it and is in too much pain. Sometimes she is just sleeping and when she wakes up she has a hard time walking with the hind legs. Very sad to watch.
Thanks again
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Perhaps take her to a canine orthopedic specialist?
I know that it can be repaired in mild cases and the earlier it's fixed the longer arthritis can be held at bay.

I've never heard of arthritis leading to dysplasia, only the other way around.

I'm sorry she's having difficulties
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If you want to be careful about loading her up with expensive treatments from the vet, you can try a holistic remedy called "Recoverysa". Just go to this site-

It is for Arthritis, but I am sure it would help dysplasia also!

Actually, here is a page about Hip Dysplasia right on the website! It better explains it...
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Thanks Everyone!!! Im going to read up!! I appreciate all the advice very very much!!The vet says its very early and so far she looks really good. He said he didnt see any of the dysplasia just a little arthritis on the one side. He showed me the Xrays where he said it would gradually get worse, but that the bones were sitting very well into the hip socket at this point. He was more worried about her back and her spine there and with how thin certain areas were. I was not worried though because he seems to think if we watch her weight and keep her from being overly active she will be fine for a good long time.
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Thats good!!!! I hope she will be fine.
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Thanks Its amazing how important our pets are to us. It broke my heart to leave her at the vets today just for Xrays. It would be horrible to lose her or any of my furbabies!! They make us complete! Shes such a good girls too. They didnt have to sedate her or anything for Xrays. She just loves everyone and wants them to love on her and give kisses.
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They make us complete
EXACTLY!!!! Without my pets.. well, I wouldn't be who I am! Beagles are such sweeties!!! I love their little ears!
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I love Beagles, they are so sweet and cute...Hopefully your Beagie is okay
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Thanks Everyone!! She seems to be doing pretty good right now so we are very encouraged that we can handle this with meds for now.
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If you dont already.. discuss glucosamine with your vet ... it is a great thing some foods have it or you can get pills...
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Thanks I will.
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