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Nok Out and Citrus spray need help!

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Im going to buy a citrus spray and the Nok Out..........could someone tell me where I can purchase this at a reasonable price online? any reccomendations on the citrus spray?? I dont use any of the glade stuff or things like that , I use all non toxic stuff........I was thinking of orange peels but i dont want them all over the floor so if anyone ran into a good one please share!!

Also is the Nok OUt good?? is there any other brand or a better one?? I likeit cuz its non toxic, but does it work?

Anyone with experience in cat peeing I need advice!! lol. We just moved into a new apartment and I dont want the peeing stuff to happen here so Im doing anything I can to prevent. The other apartment stinks like pee! I love my cats, but dont wanna live in Ammonia! kwim?

Feliway is on its way as well, I notice my kitties are restless, I dont blame them with a new place and all, so I ordered the feliway. I did read over the sticky so Im prepared and have lots of knowledge, but I still need recomndations!

Thank you so much for ur time!
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The best thing that i have found is "NATURE"S MIRACLE" stain & odor remover

it is non toxic and it works great, you can buy it at most pet supply stores unfortunatly i do not know the price.

It works well because it breaks down the enzymes in the poop or pee it doenst just mask them for a short period of time.
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Nok-Out works AMAZINGLY well, no odor whatsoever. I have heard Natures Miracle works better. I currently bought some Natures Miracle but haven't used it yet. I have been using Nok-Out for years. It really gets everything out including odor.
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Natures miracle seems to be cheaper? I lookedup both on ebay and saw that? what do you think, will nature's miracle actually work better?

any recomendations on a citrus spray?
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I know nothing about citrus spray, I spray citrus room freshener all the time so I can't see what that would do. Especially in comparison to Nok-Out or Natures Miracle. I think the two are very very similar and both work amazingly well. Just Nok-Out is a little more expensive and harder to find. My vet used to sell it. Not any more, so I bought some N.M.
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we have been using zero odor which you can find at zeroodorpet.com It works amazingly. It takes the smell and the stain out and I can actually bury my nose in where ever they have peed and I don't smell a thing when I use this product.
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