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How are all the babies today...
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there are 6 got my first god look today all seems well some unual markings on two of the tabbies mum has eaten a little tuna today but she does feel a little hot so i shall be keeping a close eye on her in ready to rush off to vet
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Please keep us updated...Fingers are crossed that she is ok.
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mum is much better today has eaten through night and had her breakfast so releived and not hot this morning my other litter of 3 have started comeing out of cage today and trying to run really funny lol
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Glad everything went well....remember, she needs to remain indoors only from now until she has weaned her kittens (I'm assuming the group you are fostering for will cover her spay surgery).

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yes the rescue pay for everything i just give my time and house lol and of course oddles of lovethe rescues dont go outside at all once speyed vaxed ect and when ready they go up for homeing
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