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Handi cap cats?

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I was just wondering are some cats born with a deafect in their back legs as in when they run they wobble a bit or they tend to trip easy yet when you touch them they dont feel any pain and seem healthy???

Or is this usually a health defeat?
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my cat is like that because of a neurological problem. Are you sure its the back legs?
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yeah only the backlegs (outdoor stray cat) at first I thought it was because he was so anorexic skinny but now i wonder if hes just handi capped? Hes been examined by the vet from head to toe he did not comment on his "wabblyness"
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I also noticed this cat is bull footed (always has been)) just like some people are cats born like that ?
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It's sounds more like a neurological problem to me too. Try this... take their paw and flip it upsided-down and place it on the ground. If the cat doesn't flip the paw back up the right way then there's something wrong with the nerves because their not sending the right signals to the feet.
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in that case what is usually done? can the cat still live a long healthy life? since they dont need to hunt to survive and have food water supplied 24/7?

Also can you explain that more clear? sorry i just wanna make sure i perform the right test
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I really don't know much about it but I've seen the test done a couple of times. I think they can still live a pretty normal life as long as you accomidate for the problem. What you do is put your hand under the kitties belly to steady them, make sure all their feet are on the ground. Then bend the paw upside-down (so the top of the paw is on the ground), the paw can only bend one way so as long as you don't go the opposite way you'll do it right. Place the bent paw on the ground and see if they flip it right-side up and take notice of what kind of delay there is in them flipping it. Hope that explained better :-/
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ok i just did it he flipped it back up right away i tried a few times he fliped it back by himself
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you know what im thinking probably because hes been starving for so long his back legs are just weak but watching him run he really cannot run fast he has no trouble walking but ive never seen him all out sprint the way my other cats do 100 miles an hour lol
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Was he a stray or sick? Maybe he broke his leg when he was little and it healed with a deformity that causes him to walk funny?
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he was just a stray not sick just starving yeah maybe your right one time i did see him get in a tangle with a big dog a few months ago maybe thats when he hurt his leg good think i i stopped the dog in time
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