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I have a cat whos about a year old and I was wondering if it could be possible that shes pregnant. Shes really tiny, only a few pounds, but lately her stomach has been getting bigger, her nipples are becoming more visible, shes been eating more and she has been sleeping a lot. She wont leave me alone, no matter what I am doing she has to sit with me...and she wasn't like that until recently. She went into heat a couple of months ago, and has only gone into heat that one time. The only thing is, is both of my male cats are neutered. While my cat was in heat, we did catch one of the male cats on top of her a bunch of times. He was neutered, but his testicle was in his stomach and I don't know if it would be possible for him to still get her pregnant or not.

I have never had a pregnant cat before, so I don't know if thats what this could be. I do plan to take her to the vet next week.
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I would say yes. SHe is acting just like my Skittles.
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I think she is too. I love kittens, but we already have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a hedgehog so that will make a lot of animals.
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Skittles became like a hemroid
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Zebra is driving me crazy, as much as I love her. She has to sit with me 24/7 no matter what I am doing...even while I am eating she tries to sit on my lap. Last night she sat outside my bedroom door meowing until I finally let her in, and then she was playing in my boyfriends dresser drawer for a while and walking around the bed. She eventually went to sleep but not for long.
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Skittles does the pacing on my headboard. LOL
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Tabitha scrabbles at the bedroom door until i let her in then lays on my pillow and pushes at my head until i give up and move over. I usually wake up suddenly on a morning just in time to catch her poking me in the eyesocket.
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Skittles is learning to leave the eyes alone or I will ignore her
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I'm glad Zebra never goes for my eyes. She scratches my legs trying to climb up on me when i am on the computer chair because shes too small to just jump up, she would end up just jumping at my leg. Instead she digs her claws into my legs and then pulls herself up.
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My pom is now scratching my legs up.
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