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is Misty assaulting Marbles?

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I know I've asked a question about fighting kitties before...but I'm really worried now because Misty is always on Marbles, never leaving Marbles alone, most of the time trying to bring her down to the ground while squeezing her and kicking her side. Marbles is smaller and yowls when Misty does that, while Misty does not make a sound and always dominates the fight. I read something about cats sexually assaulting others so is Misty doing that? Because I thought Misty was female but now am not so sure anymore, since she is so hyperactive.
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For heaven's sake you need to find out what sex your cat is! Also, take him/her to a vet because if it's an unneutered (not fixed) male, he should be neutered. And if you have to keep them separated at home, do it, or Marbles could develop a serious psychological complex, not to mention real wounds, and Misty could start thinking he/she is in charge and never let you forget it.
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Well, I do plan to have them neutered/spayed, but I'm not sure about Misty's sex...
Marbles has one hole under her tail and Misty has two holes. Does that mean anything?
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Lift up their little bottoms and take a picture and we can probably tell you if you have a male or female
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Don't feel bad. I got a foster cat and didn't know if it was male or female. I thought it was a male, turned out when it went for spay/neut. it was a GIRL not a boy!!

I've got 4 kittens now, and I am still not sure on them either, LOL! Sexing cats can be confusing and difficult sometimes.

Be sure to take to the vet, and they can tell you, PLUS get the right
surgeries. If the kits are 4 months or older DEFINITELY need to be done.

Aggression isn't sex linked - a female can be a "top cat" just as much as a male. AND also, kits from the same litter don't ALWAYS get along. They may just not like each other. Ever. Sad to tell you that, but it is true. Ask on the board, the members will tell you stories...
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