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Sneezing Cats

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We have 3 cats and one of them (who I just acquired this past August) began sneezing about 10 days ago. He also has clear, watery eyes so I just figured he had some type of allergy since the trees and flowers have recently started blooming. He's around 4 or 5 yrs old (I'm guessing) and this is our 1st Spring with him. I have never heard a cat sneeze so much before!

Well, now I'm worried that it's more than hayfever. My very healthy 12 year old cat began sneezing in the same manner early this morning. She is NEVER ill!! Any ideas??
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And if that is the case, a quick vet trip will help to ease the sneezing. It could also be allergies, if the cats are drinking from a plastic bowl, switch them to ceramic or glass and see if that doesn't help a bit. But usually an antibiotic from the vet will clear up any URI.
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Thanks for your responses! Actually, the newest member of our little family is the one cat I didn't mention: a young guy that showed up at my front door about 2 mos ago. He's stuck around ever since (likely cuz the food is so abundant!)

He's a young one - less than a year old - and asymptomatic. I wondered if he may have been a carrier of something-or-other but I'm no expert. (Darn - I was hoping allergies were contagious!! LOL kidding) Guess I'll be giving the homeopathic vet a call (I sure hate those drugs). Thanks again for your advice!!
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It seems every year I get a strain of someting that goes through my house and gets some of my cats sneezing. They never get really sick, just sneezing. Of course I put them on a round of antibiotics and that's the end of it.

Well, this year is no different. I have something going through the house and 3 cats are sneezing. Bear was the first to come down with it and 10 days of amoxi didn't make any difference. My vet had just recently seen some other clients whose cats were deathly ill with the upper respiratory stuff so much the owner was asking about euthanasia. My vet being a fighter, said wait, let me get in touch with some specialists. The specialists recommended a cortizone shot to help soothe the nasal irratation and Doxycycline once a day. The client whose cats were very ill was pleased to see her cats make a full recovery.

I brought Bear in for the shot and he stopped sneezing almost immediately. He didn't even need the antibiiotic.

You must remember, which I have learned, cats get the herpes virus which is very contagious, but not deadly. We suspect Bear and another one of my cats has the virus and that's why they keep getting recurring bouts of sneezing without any other illness. No fever or anything.

Another one of my cats, Bubba, starting with the bad sneezing so I brought him in for the shot and he's 100% better. He did't need the antibiotic.

I have one outside cat who has episodes of sneezing every once in a while and she never takes any medication. She has no other symptoms, just sneezing, which goes away in a few days.

Good luck with yours.
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