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we have babies

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finally last night she gave birth the first one arrived at 11.15 and the last at 7.30 all 6 are doing fine 3 black 3 black and white
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Congratulations to all!!!
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That is awsome. Please post some newborn pictures when you can.
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Congrats!! We have some new babies as well Post some pics please....
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yes i will as soon as i can get my camera working not sure but when im stroking her it feels like there is still another kitten inside is this possible
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congratulations to all of u
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Is it moving or just lumpy? Sometimes what you feel is the uterus...
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If you are worried I would call the Vet.
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no its not moving perhaps its not a kitten then just me over reacting
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it is OK to over react, but if you need to I would call the vet.
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if i can stil feel it later or she gets disstressed i will call them straight away also is it normal for her to not spend much time with them she will go up if i take her and feed them but then she will come straight back down i have tried shutting her in with them but she goes mad pulling my carpet up the vet thinks that as she is a 2 yr old unspade stray that this is more then likely not her first litter could this b y
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Most of the moms get up pee eat and go back. What time frame are you wondering about. What the longest she is gone from them. Also are the babies warm and have chubby tummy's. If they are crying alot that is not good.
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It is also possible that you're feeling poo.
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she leaves them for over an hour at a time i have just been up and checked on them they feel quiet warm not crying but when they do cry she will not go to them unless i take her
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she has just been for a poo i will feel to see if i can still feel it
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i cannot feel it anymore god im amazed i didnt know it could be that
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I bet you have never been so happy to know it was poo I am glad that is ok. I do feel 1 hr away is alot. Maybe you can lock her with the babies in a room.
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