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only taking care of 3 of 7 kittens

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Wel taz has built another nest, After she did that, she moved one kitten into it and left the others, i put it back in her nost box and prepared another box and put it where she was laying. She then moved 3 kittens into it, several hours ago. I did put a covered heating pad into the box with the remaining 4 kittens. They are on a pile on it. But i keep trying to get her interested in the other kittens, but shes pretty much ignoring them.
Should i move them into the other box with her? Or wait and see if she will fetch them herself? The three she has in there are eating, and im sure the other 4 are hungry too, i just dont know what to do.
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Am not sure. Maybe try to put them with her and see if they will nurse. If you can get them to nurse that is good or you might have to use KMR.
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Can you put her in a more confined area, such as a bathroom or closet, or possibly even a large dog crate?
If not, then yes move her other babies for her. That is a big job moving all of the babies over.
Are any of the babies crying? Are they gaining weight?
Keep us updated.
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all 7 weigh between 3.8 and 4.1 i only just weighed them today, so i dont know. they do cry alot, specially when they are left alone. But she did get all 7 into another box. I helped her with the last few, she was pulling them out then laying down next to the crate, then she would get up and move the kitten to the other box. this is all in my closet.

She is nursing all 7, but she still will lay on top of the litter box ( its covered) rather then inside with the kittens, but i dont think she liked the heating pad.... She moved all the kittens after i put it in there, but they liked it alot. They cuddled up together rather then on top of each other and were sleeping really hard, i was worried they were gone for a moment. But they were breething, just really deep.
ill write if anything else changes too
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Poor things. Please just keep us update. Do not hesitate to use the pad or the rice heaters if needed. They must be kept warm and closets are damp.
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actually my room is in the mid 80s now, i cranked up the heat, and the cloests are actually warm. But im checking on them often
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well the only times i have really heard of a mother cat doing that is when the kittens she is leaving behind is sick although you may not see it she can tell, not meaning to frighten you. maybe you should let her get situated...once she moves one dont ush over and move the others too trust me i know how hard that is to do but it may just work luck with it
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From the way I understand it, Taz was recently rescued, and is probably a little nervous being a Momma right now. There is no way to know what her background is. It sounds like normal instinct to move them. She may have got tired from moving a few over, and decided to rest, nurse, and then go back for the rest of the babies. There is no harm in helping her to move them.
I have had a couple of girls that like to move their babies, they like to get one baby, and then cry and cry until we bring the others to her, then she is fine and will stay in one spot.
If the babies continue gaining weight, her being gone for short periods of time is okay, just as long as she comes back when they start crying.
If the heat has been turned up in the room, that is probably a good reason why she isn't staying in there for long periods. While the kittens can't hold their body temperature yet, Taz can, and she may just be getting to warm in the nest.
Is the heating pad, in a place where she and her kittens can get off of it when they feel too warm, but crawl back on, when they need it?
I always set up our nesting area, so that the Momma and babies have plenty of room, and Momma can nurse the babies off of the heating pad, but when she has done her Momma duties, she can leave and take a break while the kittens sleep back on the heating pad.
Please keep us updated. Also try and weigh them at the same time every day, to get a more accurate picture of how much they are gaining.
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I will weigh them tomarrow around noon then. At the same time. The heating pad only covered half of the box, i moved it out of there because they were no longer in the box. When i recently went in the room, she was laying on the floor and the kittens were in a clump and cold again. I put her back in her box and they immediatly tried to nurse. She rolled over and i pet her while they ate. They should eat every two hours right? If i have to ill sit with her every two hours so that they can eat.
Thanks for all the advice, i hope that everything turns out ok. Im hoping that its her youth that is the problem here.

P.s. She did move all the kittens into the second box though.
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God bless the babies and you. Great job...
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