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Kitten Deformation

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Ok, well one of my kitten's was born without a front leg and his tail is zig zagged at one part. He looks healthy besides that. He is eating and he can get around on his own pretty well. He will be a week old tomorrow. Where the leg is supposed to be is healed and looks health(no infection). The other kitten is health. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice.

Please and thank you!!!

Also will he be able to survive; if he lives outside when gets older or will it be better to keep him inside.
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Aw, that sounds kinda sad for the little guy..I would definetly keep the kitty indoors...and of course get him checked out by a vet too!
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I feel this is a very special little one who will be best to reside in the safety of your home.
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I would keep him inside.
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I would keep him indoors at all times.
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aww the poor little guy - will you be keeping him?
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I will be keeping him. He's just so cute. Even with his problems. He can get around. You can't really notice that his arm is missing unless pick him up. He crawls as fast as the others.

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we have a kittie with a deformed leg here too. Keep him inside. hes a special tripod
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom
Aw, that sounds kinda sad for the little guy..I would definetly keep the kitty indoors...and of course get him checked out by a vet too!
I agree with everything trout had to say and make sure to fix him ASAp. I mean as soon as a vet will so he wont want to go outside. Also spoil him with love
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I took a couple pictures too send to a friend of mine that know a lot about cats. I wanted you guys to be able to get a look at him too. He looks very healthy.

Here's a picture of the new mother.

This one is of his tail.

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He does look great. I love the coloring. He does look good.
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He does look good. I would still get him checked out by the vet to make sure there are no physical deformities that are not visible that may affect him later when he starts growing.
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What a sweet baby!!!! I'd get him checked as well. Keep us posted!!
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Hes adorable!! I would for sure keep him indoors! Def needs to be seen by the vet, but he looks very healthy and fluffy.....
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the mum looks just like my kittie Sahara, and the baby is adorable!! Give him lots of love from us too!
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Pretty little fellow. I'd also take him to a vet to see if the deformity is limited to the leg and tail. Looks very healthy, though.
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He's definitely a cutie! I agree with the others about having him checked out by a vet and keeping him indoors. Hopefully, his deformities are limited to his leg and tail, (I think he can adjust to these problems) and he'll have a long and normal life.
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he is very cute. I had a cat whos front legs were gone but we had to put him to sleep after he was born.
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What an angel! Keep him inside and love him shamelessly.
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I am sure if you walk in to a vet office and show the tech she might just call the vet to look for free
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hello, i also have a cat with disability...she was born with a clubbed foot, it looks as if she is walking on her elbow. when i went to pick her up they didn't tell me about her disability. no one wanted her but me being the softy that i am, i took her. when i took her to the vet she told me that because she was born like this that she would be fine. she needed no surgery or meds. if she later developed this then she would have had problems adjusting. she is the most playful cat in the world. she runs and even jumps from the counter to the table. the people that did not want her have know idea what they missed out on...i have 3 other cats and she is truly the most precious and lovable cat i have. she dos not go outside and the only thing the vet worried about was her getting a callous on the part of the foot the she walks on...but she is fine....she doesn't know the difference, she is as normal as all the rest....please let me know how things go....take care...cynthia p.s. her name is thumper because when she walks her foot makes a little sound on the floor!!!!
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