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After the Billy Joel stuff we've shared, thought you might be interested in this interview:


Get the man my phone number! This is just the opportunity I've been waiting for! (Hope he like cats!)
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Wow! Thank you! I am going to check that out right now!
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Everyone has forgotten about the most talented musician around...Sting! So, after you have discounted every single Police or Sting song out there...my 5 top songs would have to be:
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Hooked on a Feeling (BJ Thomas)
Dance With Me (Firefall??)
Jesse's Girl (Rick Springfield)
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Thats funny, I just heard Rick Springfield on the radio the other day and hubby and I had a flash back. I actually have that on a Record...I am sure we all remember what those are. I really need to get a new record player so I can listen to my records!!
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KittyK.....I LOVE Sting!!!! Especailly "Roxanne"
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Have you ever heard of the Police song "Canary in a Coalmine"? I consider myself a Sting fan more than a Police fan, but this song is so great!! And, of course, he does sing it! Look it up on Napster if you haven't heard it...it will be well worth it!
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Sting was impressive during his performance at the Academy Awards. He pretty much stood and delivered by himself — and did a fine job!

I also think Björk did very well on her own. She was supposed to perform in duet with Thom Yorke, but the program's producers cut her time drastically so she had to abandon the duet arrangement and go solo. And, she was a little nervous on this her first encounter with the Hollywood big-shot crowd. But, unlike the fashionistas, I loved her dress!

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Wow...this is great! I saw Billy Joel once but I'll never forget his performance and his backup band and singers, forget it! They were OUTSTANDING...not to mention he didn't hog the stage. He let their talent shine through too!
I love Heart...I've been a musician for years (playing guitar and singing) and I love the Wilson sisters because I've never seen two women (or men) interact so musically as them...they are so talented when it comes to either singing or playing whatever it is they want! Music is such a gift. Their harmonies are so "ON" but yet so different than most...ya know? So, as far as favorite songs from them...it'd be too many.

Journey had a great tune ..Don't Stop Believing
Benetar......too many to name
Queen...too many songs to mention Although "Crazy little thing called Love" was really a fun song.
Jeff Beck....Traffic Jam...(instrumental)
"SANTANA" you can't not love him! (Great grammar huh?)
Steely Dan...Black Friday! woooooooooweeeeee
Deb, this is way too hard!
It'd be so much easier for me to name my favorite food...egg whites! lol :
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it's too hard to think of single songs, i've got to go with artists. (besides my favorite songs change every month)

ANYTHING by Matchbox 20 is alright with me! I LOVE rob thomas. not only is a charismatic front man with a great voice, he writes all of thier stuff as well. there would be no 'push' or 'bent' with out him, or even 'smooth' by santana for that matter!

I'm a big fan of the goo goo dolls as well. johnny resnick has that whole rob thomas thing going on.

And is there anyone who's had more impact on the last 15 years of pop music more than madonna or janet jackson?!?! those ladies keep on entertaining us with great music. i'm hard pressed to think of anyone else in the pop world with thier staying power or consistancy. in the fickle world of music, their accomplishments are nothing less than amazing.

i think fiona apple is absolutely incredible as well. she's got the tortured artist thing down. her music is poinent and beautiful.

the lifehouse cd is awesome! if you like 'hanging my a moment' you won't be disapointed. same goes for the new train.
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Oh Catarina!!!!!

I am a BIG Queen fan from waaay back. I think my all time favorite song of theirs is from their first album called "Keep Yourself Alive" (sort of a personal anthem).
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I had the Queen record that had "We will rock you" on it....it had the picture on the front of that big robot looking thing, holding someone in it's 'hands'. Boy does that bring back memories!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Everyone....
It's so funny to sit here and read post after post on this thread...everyone is so excited. I hope I wasn't the only one sitting here blank faced for a few minutes going "ummmm","ummmm"??? One of those kind of questions that'll through ya' for a loop. LOL I think this thread will be going for a long time! Thanks Deb. Great Topic!
God Bless You & Yours
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You know I'm gonna comment on a thread about favorite music. My niece says I should just sit back and read the comments and get to know people better and stop jumping in all the time with a comment or opinion and that is what I have been trying to do for the last week or so, but it's no D--N fun that way. Besides I'm dying to get bak to the story telling and that will begin later today, but right now about the music. I feel so old when I listen to some of today's favorites, but I do find a lot that I like. I like Rob Thomas and Jewel, but here are a few for you youngsters to check out and those in my age bracket to remember: Janis Ian, Carol King, Laura Nyro, Eric Anderson, The Moody Blues (Days of Future Past album is a classic featuring Knights in White Satin) I am aware, as Mr. Cat pointed out, that if everyone who says they went to Woodstock actually did there would have been like 2 million people there, but kids, I went. Hitchhiked from Columbia, MO. noless. We had no idea what we were going to we had just heard that there would be some good jammin' going and some primo smoke and one big love in so we said why not try to make it. In 1969 it was all about the music and the spirit and a common hate/missunderstanding of the war and trying to find something to believe in or a reason to believe in ourselves. I would not trade the Woodstock experience for love or money. We didn't realize what we were living thu, we just knew what went on around our tent or group and listened to those on the main stage and went away changed. We didn't know, or care, how much the whole thing would be analized for years down the road. I was 20years old hitching with three guys (one of whom you might recognize Arlo Guthrie and we never worried about the dangers of hitch hiking or that we only had the clothes on our backs and our guitars and maybe $30. between us, it just seemed like the thing to do. . . . . . . . .Talk to you all later, great to be back, Threeleggedkat Thanks for your prayers and best wishes concening my health. I am so glad I found this site. Anne, thank you for the insight to create this forum for us.
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OMG! You've really done it NOW...That is so cool, because I did mention that I was a musician, but I really didn't get into it because of personal reasons...but I will disclose this now...only because you gave me inspiration to tell this story...I've been in bands most of my life. My family's very musically gifted...I play guitar and sing and my last band "Chasing Kitten"..was playing in Orlando, we opened up for lot's of bands...lot's of really cool 80's bands...Like Loverboy, Heart, even Edgar Winter LOL and the like, but,....we just never made it due to personnel problems. Anyway, this guy (black guy) kept asking me to join his band...I was like "yeah right"...I have a great band here (he didn't know that we were having problems), why should I go with you, Mr. Nobody...well Mr. Nobody turned out to be Sly of Sly and the Family Stone...LOL...so, one night I when I went to play, the whole band was arguing and I kept out of it for the most part...mainly because I was the lead singer and sang about 99% of the songs...so you can understand why I didn't want to raise my voice...(very self-centered then too)...so, I saw Sly...and asked him if he still needed a rhythm guitarist, singer...he said "Girl, you're more black than I am! LOL (I liked to sing funk/rock) Mother's Finest, Earth, Wind, & Fire...stuff that was crossover...and if it wasn't we made it that way...that's why we were different... Anyway...I went with Sly and we played all over Miami for a while...but, that was short lived due to a certain problem that I won't mention here. Unfortunately, my equipment happened to get stolen ...sooooooo, that was the end of my music career! I had had enough with musicians, the traveling, and I missed my cats too! It took me about 10 years to pick up a guitar again. In the meanwhile, I never quit loving music, I just began developing another art form...and that was being a Christian. It takes alot of practice...I'll never reach perfection at it, but I'll always be honest as I can, and loving as I can...I truly think God did me a major favor.
God Bless All
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Well, I've read all the comments about music and am very impressed by the variety of favorites. I love QUEEN. I had a big crush on Freddy Mercury. He was hot. But, he proved my point that all the good ones are either:

pushing baby carriages
have pampers in their shopping carts
have child restraining seats in their cars
are career criminals

Now, getting back to music. The best song Billy Joel ever wrote and my personal favorite is "Goodbye Vietnam". I've been looking for the CD for months and can't find it anywhere. I usually don't buy a CD for just one song but I would for that!

I'm a Peter, Paul and Mary, Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, AC/DC kind of person. My daughter thinks I'm weird, but she loves me!
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One of my favorite songs of all time is "The Fool on the Hill" by The Beatles (from their Magical Mystery Tour album). I finally found a WAV file of that tune on the inter-net and have installed it on my web site. If you've not heard it, or wish to hear it again, go to URL http://home.att.net/~mister-cat/wsb/index.html and click on the link beneath "Highlights."

I'm no expert in this computer-system stuff, so I'm anxious to know whether or not that link will actually work for people who visit my site. It works for me, but I don't trust those things unless I receive confirmation from others. (The site's far from completion, but there are a few things "up" already.)

Anyway, "The Fool on the Hill" first came to my attention in 1968. I was far away from home, in the midst of a war; and the lyrics made perfect sense to me. (Not to mention the music was lovely as well.) I quickly adopted it as my personal theme-song, without securing the necessary permissions from The Beatles themselves! Well, I hadn't heard the song in years; and then THERE IT WAS.

You might ask, "If you like it so much, why didn't you just go out and buy a copy of Magical Mystery Tour?" Beats me.

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Mr. Cat:

Because of old adage: If it's free, it's for me!
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That's it! Thank you!

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I left out someone from my last post...Sarah Mclachlan! she is amazing. I'm going to see her perform tonight at a benefit concert here in LA with Melissa Etheridge & Paula Cole. I have no idea what the benefit is for. I have seen her 2 other times & she is incredible. also one of the most down to earth, humble people you will ever meet.
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OH MY GOSH, AIRPRINCESS!!!!! I am so Jealous!!!!! I LOVE Melissa Etheridge, Paula Cole AND Sara McLaughlen!!!!!!
Lucky YOU!!!!
Can I sneak in with you? LOL
I have even sang a couple McLaughlen songs for weddings! And my favorite Paula Cole song is off the "City of angels" soundtrack...."Feelin' Love" if that doesn't put you in the mood, nothin' will! LOL And anything by melissa Etheridge is great! Have fun at the concert!!!!!!!!!
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If you were here I would take you in a second! I'm so tired but I don't want to miss Sarah for anything! what songs of hers do you sing? I'm really looking forward to tonight. She stopped touring to take some time off for herself so she's been off the road for like 2 years.
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