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Still go out?

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This is a question for those that have been or still are in long term relationships.

I know that after 6 mo to a year, things start to cool off in a relationship that's going good.

I'm curious though: Do you two still go out on dates? I.e. go to comedy shows, concerts, exhibits, etc?
I realised the other day our "dates" consist of us going to a sports bar and watching a game or playing pool. I've tried in the past to get B to go somewhere, but sometimes I think that we're just too opposite...or maybe its just me?
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Yes we still go out on "dates", my husband and I have been together for over 4 years and we still go out together (just us 2) on friday nights. We usually go to a movie and dinner, or we might bowl or go to the park.
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We have been married for 21 years and we still go out on dates. More now than ever since we don't have kids at home anymore.

When our kids were little, we never had enough money to go out and pay a babysitter, so we didn't as much then.
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My ex and I would go out to dinner fairly often (okay, maybe it was because I didn't want to cook ) and i dragged him to a couple plays and we also did the movie thing every now and then- disn't really think of them as dates at the time, but I guess it applies
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We usually go out to eat a lot together and sometimes to hockey games. There really isn't much else to do where we live.
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We go to movies, dinner, shopping, ect. together. Sometimes we even have dates at home - he'll make supper and I'll pick up a movie on the way home from work - sometimes he even has flowers at home for me if I've had a bad day

In the summer we go on fishing dates We both love to fish and be outside, so we'll get some beer and head over to the Mississippi River and do some fishin' together!
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We don't go on many dates, but it has been that way from the beginning. During our 4 years together so far, we spend a lot of time together listening to music, cooking out, playing with the kitties, etc.

We enjoy an occasional dinner or lunch out, but I really enjoy cooking, so we don't do that much.

We live above a bar though, so going out for a drink is pretty normal, but we don't really consider it "going out."
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Just last week we went to a performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We also go on bike rides down the lake, go out to eat (everything from diner food to Ethiopian), go to movies (we just saw 'Thank You for Smoking' and it was HILARIOUS!), go to concerts, etc, etc.
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yep most of our dates are done at home because of money stuff. but we did make a date last sunday and had a blast. Steve had a gig but we went early and had dinner and walked around downtown for a while
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Yes-we still go out when we have the $$$ and a babysitter. We go to eat, maybe have a few drinks, or eat and see a movie. I think its good for couples to do this~oh and we have been together for going on 7 yrs.
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Lee takes me out to eat and stuff still. And even though we share money now he still pays out of his account (still with seperate accounts).
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Wow, you guys are influencing me like Cosmo does to most women!
I think I'm going to go home and have a talk with him

I think I'm just ansty as he just started his new job this week so I'm a little impatient at going out! I am getting a little nutty just sitting at home...my parents are BIG TV watchers (record 2 or more shows at once) and will rush home whenever they're out to watch a show. I've vowed never to be that way and with B's on and off situation with jobs, I'm going nuts with TV!
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Well we haven't been together for 6 years yet, just 2 and a bit. We are totally skint but we do make time for each other. When we first got together we went out to clubs together all the time it was great fun. We never seem to go alone anymore, just with our friends. I miss that.
We go to the cinema a lot, or hire a DVD. We usually spend every Saturday night together and go to the gym together.
We have 'dates' in bed, we'll pick a DVD to watch and go to bed and watch it together. This is mainly because his brother is usually here during the week and it's so hard to get time on your own.
We went out for dinner a few weeks ago too, it was lovely.
I do love the feeling of a new relationship though, it's so exciting.
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I agree with you Lauren. I kinda miss the newness of the relationship where EVERYTHING was new and exciting. we still do new and exciting things sometimes though.
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6 years and we still go out
Cost is a concern though, so we can't really do so more than once or twice a month.
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I never went anywhere with my ex, we did at first, for the first year, but after that we didnt do anything together
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We've been together over 5 years, and I guess we don't always think of them as "dates" but we still go out quite often. We'll go eat usually at least once a week, and go to movies when we can. (The movie theater here in town where we go to school is awful, so thats usually when we go back to our hometown). We have the "home dates" all the time! He buys me DVDs all the time, and we'll make a night out of it. Either he'll cook dinner (he loves cooking!) or we'll order in and just hang out together.

I do miss the newness, but something that tells me he is the one is that after 5 years, when I'm sitting inside my apartment and hear the "beep" of his car alarm being set, my heart still beats a little faster b/c I know hes here.
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After 5 1/2 years Billy and I still go out on dates. matter of fact I took him out last night to see Disney On Ice's Finding Nemo (which was FANTASTIC)! We don't really go out drinkin' a lot because neither of us are really into that anymore. We mostly just spend time at home doing stuff together, like working on the cars, doing yard work, or just being goofy!
It's gravy!!
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On May 5th, my boyfriend and I will have been together three years, and when we're together, we go on quite a few dates.. out to eat, or whatever else we feel like doing.. it's fun..
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My guy and I have been together 2 1/2 year and yes, we do go on "dates." Sometimes it just consists of me (he doesn't cook much!) making a nice dinner and getting a bottle of sparkling cider (don't drink much either ) and sitting at home trying to keep Toulouse out of our plates. Other times we get dressed up and go out. It's more fun since we're dancing now because the dress-up part happens more often and it's different than the usual "dinner and a movie" date.
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Yea, I've tried to get him to go to movies...last one we saw together was the third Star Wars...AFTER it had been in the theatre for a month. I kind of miss going to the movies all the time though. B is 50% deaf in one ear, so when people start talking during a movie it drives him nuts. So we make amense by waiting for the first week its out on DVD.
Maybe I'll get a home theatre (HDTV/plasma with 100 watt surround sound) if I whine enough.

I've been looking for stuff to do all afternoon. Maybe I'll hit him up for a comedy club.
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I'm not in a long term relationship, but I feel that it's very important to have "date night." Keeping the fire alive, that's what it's all about....now if someone would just throw me some dang kindling already!!!
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We've been together for almost 15 years and married for almost 3. We still go out on dates, though probably not as regularly as we did at first.
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We go out for dinner alot, and sometimes to see a movie. It really did slow down after a while though..It's been 3 years now, but we still do stuff sometimes..I'm happy with the amount of stuff we do
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Jeff and I will still go out on dates from time to time, usually out for dinner and a movie
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I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months, and we never went out much.
However, I'm trying to convince him to let me pay for things sometimes, because lack of money is usually the reason we stay in.
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Originally Posted by eupnea
I've been with my boyfriend for 9 months, and we never went out much.
However, I'm trying to convince him to let me pay for things sometimes, because lack of money is usually the reason we stay in.
He could still pamper you though!!, have him make you a nice dinner and rent or watch a movie on TV...even more romantic then going out..you could even light some candles
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ive only had dinner and ice skating dates with Kevin, Okay im not together with him yet so it doesnt count but he does want to fix my bike so we can go riding oo how romantic
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
He could still pamper you though!!, have him make you a nice dinner and rent or watch a movie on TV...even more romantic then going out..you could even light some candles

I'm working on him.
its hard for him to get romantic when Star Trek comes on though!

We're going to go buy rollerblades this weekend so we can get some exercise and still spend time together.
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We go out usually on a Friday or Saturday night for dinner almost weekly. Maybe 3 times a year we'll go to a club with friends, but neither of us really like the club scene. We usually just sit at home and roll dice to see who gets to use the computer for their favorite forum (J.K.).
We do have favorite tv shows on almost every night that we make a point to watch together. We're boring, but enjoy it. He's more a homebody than me, but when I don't get home until 8:30 or after on most nights, there's really not a lot for us to do.
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