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Oh my - she's beautiful! I think you're starting to get it.. I think you're going be hooked, I think you already love her and just don't know it yet!
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Hi! And welcome to TCS! I don't have any other advice than what the others have given you. Although I do know what it is like to have a picky girl who won't eat much!

Your girl looks like a Kaiya to me (she's beautiful! I personally love black cats)- don't know why that comes to mind. I'm glad things are going well for you.
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Interesting thread to be sure! Glad everything seems to have been worked out.

Had to comment about finding the kitty in the litterbox the first night. Was it covered by chance? Same exact thing happened to Miss Kitty when I brought her home from the shelter - in my case, I believe it was because she thought that was where she belonged. She had the run of the house from the first day, but that's where she went to sleep - she had been in a cage for so long I think that's what she thought it was.

Good for you for getting an adult cat as well. Baby kitties are so cute, but it's so much harder for an older cat to find a loving home.

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Aw! She's so nice!

Great picture of her as well. I can't blame her... that would be my favourite spot too!
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"She's still very skittish, and will scamper back to the bedroom if spooked (or if she thinks I am going to chase her which, by the way, I'm no longer doing). "

Smidge was that way too, but I noticed gradual improvement weekly.
She's been with me one year - and I can definately say she is v. secure and "owns the place". Patience and kindness go a long with a loving kitty who has had some bad luck.

Jewel is a great name, and she is v. pretty.
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First of all, congratulations on your adoption. I also adopted an adult shelter cat late last year. She was approximately four years old as well.

She immediately went under the bed and stayed there for several days, only coming out to use the bathroom or eat. We just left her alone and gave her time to get used to her surroundings and she was just like a normal cat in not time.

She is now a beautiful, healthy cat who loves attention and is almost inseparable from us. She sleeps on our bed every night, and usually stays in the same room we are in.

Time is the key, and most of us seem to forget that these shelter cats have been thru hell. Imagine how bad their lives may have been before the shelter, and then imagine being shoved into a small metal cage that is surrounded by other scary animals! I think they are in shock when brought to a good home and they are probably wondering if this it's too good to be true!
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She is a beautiful cat, I read through all the posts and it sounds like you guys are adjusting well. I've been around cats all my life and have always been fond of them. I've found them to be truly wonderful companions.

My husband was not fond of cats until he met me and my Cody (God rest her soul). And now we've fostered 5 little kittens and found them homes and have two furbabies as you can see from my signature.

I hope your relationship with Jewel continues to grow.
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I'm a pragmatic sort of cat lover myself--cats are companions who share your house... roommates, friends, playmates... There's nothing wrong with dropping the baby talk! A relationship with a cat need not be "Oooh, don't I wuv my wittle kitty all to pieces!!"... just a fond, affectionate friendship is fine!

The best thing you can do for a cat--which I see you are already doing--is to try to understand and communicate with her. Once you can "speak Cat" (by this I mean understanding body language, tail flicks, mews, etc., and being able to get your ideas across to your cat--despite your lack of a tail!), you'll find your relationship with your cat becoming much more congenial.
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She's a beauty!! Looks like she's got some patches of orange, which makes her a tortoiseshell, tortie for short. Does she have a lighter patch of hair on one side of her face? I have a tortie and she's been a wonderful companion for the past 9 years I've had her!!

Have you decided on a name for her yet? When we adopted our little kitty last year, we batted around several names, then the right one just "hit" us!

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I think he said he named her Jewel...
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