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What sweet kitties!
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Originally Posted by furryferals
Well if you can't be tempted Sarah.....This one is specially for you

Click here to watch 53400534
Managed to get it to finally work! Thank you!!

Originally Posted by rosiemac
Awwwww Sarah are you getting broody for that little tortie
Me?.....Broody for that gorgeous little tortie?!.....Nah!........

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Well I had to say goodbye to my first foster family on monday

When we signed them over to the cats protection to find them homes, we had to give them names so...
The silver tabbys we called Silverstar and Stardust
The little ginger we called.....well what else but....Ginger
and the little tortie we named after Sarah's(sar)little Disco

So Trixie and her kittens will soon be beginning a whole new life

and I....well....I have my precious memories of the times we spent together.

Here are some more of those times I would like to share with you all

Click here to watch 53400621

Click here to watch 53400576

Click here to watch 53400577

Click here to watch 53400614

Click here to watch 53400615

Click here to watch 53400617

Click here to watch 53400618

Click here to watch 53400619

Click here to watch 53400668

Click here to watch 53400670

Click here to watch 53400749

Click here to watch 53400750

Click here to watch 53400751

Click here to watch Kittenspart1

Click here to watch Kittenspart2

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Oh everyone, you really have to watch these videos!.

I watched some of them at work the other day and nearly needed surgery to get the grin from my face because their just so sweet.

Those feisty tabby's just crack me up!

You did a good job with these ones Diana so i'm sure there'll be more
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Great job Diana. I enjoyed watching all the videos, but that last one where the sweet little thing just falls asleep in front of the camera is priceless!! Thanks for sharing!
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