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Tough one... I had a very similar situation once. My first "serious" boyfriend moved to the town where I was living (even though for the 3 years that we were together he always said he hated my town!"). He rented a place just down the street from where mine

It was very freaky but I didn't tell the guy I was seeing at that time (it was a bit different though because I wasn't living with the new guy).

We all have pasts. "Need-to-know basis only" sounds like a good tactic....
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I told hubby and he took it fine thankfully. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect.
Fortunately he knows that I'm a homebody and would rather spend time with the cats then most people so I'm sure he's not considering that anything would happen (at least I hope not) I don't go out of my way to talk to this guy, so hopefully we can coexist as neighbors without talking to each other(much) until we can afford to find a forever house. This house (so he keeps telling me) is just temporary, we will be able to afford a better one after it's paid off. So I cross my fingers and hope. I want a house with windows that you can actually open(can't do that here, they are to old and have no screens) and two enclosed porches(like this one has), Brad wants a pool(EEK!), maybe some land to build an outdoor enclosure for the kitties, one story with a finished basement. That's all I want. pretty easy for me at least, Brad, now the pool might have to wait.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
I would have to say be honest. But also tell Brad that he need not worry about anything because he is the one you want. Then try not to talk to the ex or talk to Brad aobut the ex at all.

I agree, be honest and let him work through his own jealousy with lots of reassurances from you.
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