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Pip the destroyer.....

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Oh Rhea, I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather clock!!! I would have been angry too!!!! Last night Merlin decided for no reason to claw up the side of the kitchen wallpaper and he left 3 huge gashes down it...we just put new wallpaper up 2 years ago...I was SOOOOO mad!!! I put him outside also for awhile. I can't stay mad at him, 'cause I love him too much...but geesh.....why do they have to act like that??? He KNOWS better!!!!!!!

Of course this post is supposed to be BELOW yours, but you know how things are going with the site today.
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Originally posted by Bodlover
I love Pip loads but he is really trying my patience lately...
It's really a shame that Pip has been causing so much damage lately. If you are starting to pack and get things ready for your move he could be reacting to the changes in his environment and sensing how excited you and your husband are about moving. Have you tried giving him Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy or something similiar to calm him down? Also, I have always had problems with cats chewing and scratching leather purses and shoes. Maybe leather has a smell to it that triggers their predatory instincts.
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ARRGHH!!! Last night we came home to find our brand new Grandfather Clock on the floor smashed... at closer inspection we found claw marks all up the side of it, scratches all over it and the bubble wrap (it was wrapped up ready to be moved house) shredded.... the culpret?? PIP!! Guess he wasn't satisfied with scratching our leather sofa to bits (he's the only kitty I've evr had whos done this!! - he has two scratch pads and knows how to use them!!) he now decides to destroy our brand new Grandfather clock which we saved up for.....needless to say hubby was definately NOT amused... Pip was hiding under the couch - hubby turned the place upside-down trying to catch him!! he found him and put him out - I was livid as Pip is an indoor kitty!!!! thankfully he just stayed looking in the window and within 30 seconds I talked hubby into letting him back in... phew... I have to say I was mad.... but theres nothing you can do once the deed has been done right?? I love Pip loads but he is really trying my patience lately..... (but he's still cute..:tounge2: )
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Oh, Rhea, that's terrible! I know we love our babies, but your heart must be broken. My daughter has wanted a grandfather's clock her entire adult life, and is still hoping! Is the mechanism ok? Are the scratches deep or on the surface? There is a varnish stick that will cover surface scratches. There are leather repair kits available too, but I know your furniture will never be the same. My babies have torn up my velour blue (of course) chair and the velour couch and loveseat arms. The chair is so bad the stuffing's coming out. People tell me bitter apple gel will keep them off the furniture. My babies have never been out either, but I've had other cats who ripped apart the plastic on my kitchen booth. It's heartbreaking!! I don't know what to say.
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Oh Rhea! Thats horrible! You must be so mad at Pip. Is there any way that you can still fix it? Thats such a shame that you have saved up for it and now its ruined. I couldn't put my kitty out either even if they deserve to be put out there. Hopefully you can fix it so its almost good as new.
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Thanks guys.... we had the leather suite "repaired" but one arm still looks wrecked..we were planning to sell it, but I don't think we'll get much for it now... oh well... what can ya do!! As for the clock, it still chimes but its fast.... that can be fixed though, and the broekn peices can be fixed too somehow..... just not sure about the scratches....yeesh!
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