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Poor Kitty

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being tormented by all the cuteness!

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that was SOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!! I'm glad meowmy picked the kitty up in the end! Momma dog looked like she was going to trample her! But it was soo cute!
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someone is NOT a happy camper!
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How sad....

Why didn't the kitty move??
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That was so cute. The cat did not seem scared it was like she sat there saying I am the ruler not you. Then the mommy dog seems to have tried to gather her babies away from the cat. The mom know the cat rules also LOL.
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hahaha. none of her body language suggested that she was in REAL distress..
or maybe she realized she was outnumbered?
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Oh those puppies are adorable!

I felt bad for the poor kittie though. I agree, it looked like the mother dog was trying to herd those curious puppies away. I felt bad for the one that was getting stepped on in the end ha ha.
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I got it. I have been sitting here trying to think of a commercial I saw those dogs on Well the breed. The Charmin commercial
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Those puppies are adorable!!
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hahaha Teaching those puppies to look up to the felines of the house. A life lesson we all must learn.
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They seem so sweet to not go after the kitty and she is ok with it.
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