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If it's Mother MacCrie or Lady MacBeth, I like Lady Macbeth. I am so pleased to hear they're o.k.!
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We were typing a duet, Hissy. That's a cute name you've chosen. And MacKenzie, you did very well for a perso---um kitty your age! Who likes doctors unless they're young and cute? And scratch behind your ears?
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I'm so sorry to hear about the little grey kitten. I'm happy to hear that mother and kittens have a clean bill of health. Remember, none of these cats would have made it if not for you.

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We just changed the name of the female silver tabby to MacBeth. Mckinley sounded to much like McKenzie.....gotta have variety ya know!
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I am sorry to hear about the loss of one of the babies, but I am glad that the others seem to be doing so well!! Cute names!
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She started to gasp for breath and get really weak! Dammit! So I took the family in to yet another vet (the last one has to many vet students in training for my liking) This vet said that MacBeth was fading and fast, so they gave her warm subcutaneous iv's, her temp is way down it was 97 degrees when it should be much higher. She was examined thoroughly as was mom and McArthur. Now she is on antibioic, and vitamins as well as I have to supplement her feeding every 3 hours. Her lungs didn't sound crackly, but I was told to try and keep the birthing closet warm 99 degrees to 100 degrees and try to shut out all drafts. The vet believes that McKenzie is just now getting over distemper and that is what took the other kitten and almost took MacBeth. This vet is quite a distance away, but she specializes in cats and has no vet students on staff. I really liked her, she took a lot of time with me and answered my millions of questions. Please say a special prayer for MacBeth the lady with the frail body that she will respond to all of this and rebound like her brother and become fat and sassy! They were all charmed by McArthur as well as McKenzie and this vet, Kenzie did not want to sample her fingers at all.
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Poor little MacBeth! She has all my love coming to her.
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Oh I hope little MacBeth will be alright...I hadn't read about this yet, when I answered your PM, or I would have said something there, too.

My prayers are going out for her....please keep us posted!!!
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Hissy, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I know you are more concerned about the kittens and MacKenzie, but it's so heartbreaking for you, too. I am praying for the little one as I type this. I believe God welcomes our prayers for all of His creation.
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Macbeth only weighs 4 ounces, her brother weighs 8! I have to figure out how to feed her two tablespoons of formula in one day at 9 feedings, not a lot of food, but hopefully it will help her turn the corner. The vet says, she (meaning the kitten) has given up on herself and I just have to encourage her to stick around until she gains strength. To say she is the runt of the litter is putting it mildly..... I just want her to fight
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Oh... I jus hope they will make it.. They are so cute! It's been such a long time since I have seen kittens... You are so good to them...

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Hissy, this is no guarantee, but I had a collie pup who weighed only 4 oz. at birth; his brothers and sisters weighed 8-12 oz. I had to tube feed him to supplement mother's milk. He had no inherent problems either. He grew up to be a 70 pound dog. Prayers for little MacBeth. I hope she gets her Scottish temper up!!! (Before any one gets mad, my mother was from Glasgow, also my brother and sister)
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I'm so sorry to hear that little MacBeth isn't doing well. I know she will pull through this and be healthy and strong. I will keep her and McKenzie in my thoughts.
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Hissy...How is Macbeth? You may have posted it in a new thread, but I haven't gotten that far yet...just was curious how the little girl is doing. Hope she is okay.
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I put a little corn oil in her KMR and gave it to her in the usual syringe but when she started sucking it down, I transferred her to the bottle. She ate greedily until milk came out her nose so I quit! Happy Dance--- She is gettings stronger!!

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Oh that is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I hope she continues to get better and stronger!!!!
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Hooray for MacBeth!!! I'm sure MacKenzie is pretty happy her baby girl is doing better, too.

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Yea, MacBeth! You showed us what a brave little fighter you are!! Eat up and get fat!!
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And each one has one eye opened now. MacBeth is not nearly as hefty as her brother, but she is a lot more active now and fights him for a place at mom's belly. I have just provided mom with a bigger place to put her kids if she wants to, they will not fit in the small part of the cupboard for very much longer. Mckenzie is now a purr monster and she loves to have her back scratched and ears rubbed. The family is coming along just fine.
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Little purr monster--I love that description. I'm so glad they're doing well!
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Awwwww! What a gorgeous little family!
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