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To be or not to be...pregnant that is

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That is a question that the vet could not answer for certain today!
Well, I took Kassie to the vet today to be checked to verify that they also believed her to be pregnant. She was out of the house a few times in January and at the latest February 9th. I watched that she did not get out anymore and feared that the damage was already done when she started to get enlarged nipples. She has always been petite, so the little belly that she does have I assumed was maybe only a couple kitties. But, as some of you know from the dates...she should've delivered by now or any minute now and nothing.
So I took her to the vets to have them check. He said she definately showed the signs of pregnancy but could not tell for certain by the belly if she was or was not. He said maybe if only one or two which was not common, maybe the reason she not that big and to wait and see. If she does not have any in the next wk or two to bring her back to be spayed. How in the heck can a cat have a false pregnancy? Is it common?
Heck, I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it is false or not! Grrrrrrr
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How in the heck can a cat have a false pregnancy? Is it common?
Yup....a cat can have a false pregnancy. Our rescue has actually had several. We've had cats that even the vets thought were pregnant..but then (after being in foster care) they missed their dates and it was determined that they were not pregnant. Heck, we had a cat at our spay/neuter clinic yesterday we thought was pregnant...turned out she had an unusually large bladder. The most common cause for false pregnancies at our rescue has been worms...but then again, we've had a few that were simply larger sized girls and even (embarrassingly enough) one that turned out to be a neutered male...don't ask how that was missed.

In any case, if your girl ends up not being pregnant....this is the time of year where if you wanted to foster a pregnant cat, you could certainly do so for a shelter or rescue group (believe me, they would be greatful for the help).

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Thanks Katie! I had no idea animals even had false pregnancies!
So they are, in a way, what we would call psychologically pregnant? Maybe she saw the attention my pregnant daughter was getting and wanted some of the same!

I am not even gonna worry about it no more. I've been worried about her for the last wk, thinking the time was near. I'd say if she is pregnant...after taking her in the car today and scareing her to the point of vomiting and shedding. She should deliver tonight! LOL

Thanks for the info!!!
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I'm still not sure if Kassie is or is not pregnant! But, since the dr said to wait a couple wks to see, that's what I'm doing. Since my memory is not what it used to be, who knows if I'm right on the last date she got out.

Either way, I have scheduled an appointment for her to be spayed on
April 28th. I doubt that I could be too far off on my dates, so if she is then she should certainly pop by then. If she is not, then we won't have to worry about it any further!

I'm still watching her and trying to palpate her belly to try to tell but cannot really tell much. I think the rare lil thump that I feel in one area is maybe her tummy bubbles or something. Today I was feeling again and felt it in two different spots, but nothing more then a slight thump and usually only once, none in sucession, no rolling or anything like that. I feel more secure in the thought that it most likely is a false pregnancy. It's one of the first beautiful warm days that I can have my windows and doors open and she is barely even looking towards the door which is surprising.

Anyways, I thought I'd let ya know what's going on at this point! Thanks for the help!

Take care;
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