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Do your cats ever do something that you think is the cutest thing ever?

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I got to thinking that there is one or more things that each cat does that I think is absolutely the most adorable thing they have ever done. No matter how many times they do it, it's still cute. Do your cats ever do something in particular that you think is soooo cute?

I can much my face into Twitch's body & she "bites" me. It isn't aggressive or anything, & she always gives me a lick afterwards. She started doing this last fall. Everytime she does it, I just smile.

Lily will jump out & attack my legs/ankles. She will come flying at me & jump 2-3 feet in the air just to attack my ankles. Silly kitten. I think it is adorable when she sleeps on the dog's sides & the dog's seem to really like her company & bathe her.

Ophie climbed in my lap for the first time tonight. She stands in the shower with me(along the side). I dunno why, but she always rassles the edge of my towel when I get out, too. When I sit on the toilet, she comes running. For some reason, though, company finds that weird!

How about your furkids?
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In the morning when I'm in the shower, Luna will sneak in and either be on the floor or on the table. As soon as I open the shower curtain, she lets a loud, proud "MEOOOW" and begins to roll on the floor around me.

What a way to start your day!
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...Every Single Day.

Most specifically, if I have a nightmare and grumble or yell in my sleep, she'll come in and knead my hands, meow, bounce, etc until I wake up and then curl up and purr and nuzzle me until I feel better.
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Diego complains...he's got this noise he makes...not a meow..but more of a grumble..when we're sleeping (he ALWAYS sleeps with us) if one of us moves he lets out this annoyed grumble
another thing is his 5 minute meow..he can sure hold a note let me tell you. this happens when I come home from work and he's been alone for the day...its another way of him letting out
oh ya...he slaps me in the head when I put my face up to him and he's in 'play' nails involved just a box in the head..if I gently slap him he'll slap me back..if he were a dog he'd definately be one of those toughies that likes to play rough thats for sure.
hhmmm...what else...oh yes...after I feed him his wet food he'll run over purring and lean in for a kiss...which he gets so many of but it just seems that right after the soft food he feels I deserve one so he leans in for it
oh there are soo many cute things that he does...I could go on and on....
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Rockybeans has these funny routines, and he is an absolute lauigh a minute.

If I'm in bed, he'll come up and I have to pick up one end of the pillowcase on the other pillow. He dashes inside, and waits for me to pick up the edge of the pillowcase and play peek-a-boo. He gets all excited. Then I have to put my hand inside and play "got your nose, where's the kitten nose? where's the kitten nose?" And he looks around (all this inside the pillow case) until I say, "Here is it, I'll put it back." Which I do, and he starts to purr.

When he was a baby for some reason he used to come to me all the time for stimulation too, would just come over to me, roll over, spread his legs and wait. Didn't matter if Mom even just did it. I used to call him silly little jelly belly.

Now, all I have to do is say "jelly belly" and he rolls over. At least now all he wants me to do is rub his belly. lol But he loves it so much that someimes if I'm walking, he'll run in front of me and lay down to block my way until I rub him and say "jelly belly". He also does it every time I go to the bathroom...he jumps in the sink and rolls over and waits there too.

Little hedonistic monster. LOL

He also does these silly things with the rocking chair I have in the bedroom. It's an early american, with a rim on top, then slats going down, and a second smaller rim about 3 inches down.

If I have a drink with a straw on my little folding table, he will hang over the top of the rocker and try to swipe and catch the straw. If there's no straw, he hands over, pulls his tail in through one of the openings between the slats and holds onto it sticking his nose through the opening, and lays there like a ring, waiting for me to stick my fingers in and pinch his cheeks and say, "gotta pinch those kitten cheek, just gotta pinch those kitten cheeks." Again you can hear him purr in the other room.

His latest thing is a riot ... If I sing to him, he will sit and look at me, and as I'm singing he will start to move his ears. But each ear goes in a different direction, one up, one down, one back, one flat, it looks like he's conducting with his ears. He'll do that until I stop singing, then walk away.

I have no idea where he gets this stuff. LOL

Deja Vu will come over and stand up, reach her paw up, and tap me on the cheek or mouth, and I give her a kiss. Sometimes she likes to stand on my folding table and pull everything down one by one.

Seymour aka Bosley aka Charles in Charge (one day i'll decide lol) hasn't been with me long enough for me to make him crazy enough to do weird things, but one really cute thing he does is he will come over and nudge my mouth, cheek and chin with his little nose. It's so cute.

One other thing he does which is strange is he not only likes to fetch his fishing rod toys, but when I play with him with them, after a few minutes he'll try to pull it out of my hand until I let go, at which point he'll haughtily take it out of the room with him.

Snowflake, although not yet at the point she will come to me, will stand in the doorway to my room and meow and talk to me. It really seems like she's saying something, just haven't figured out what yet.

You need insulin in this place, there is so much cute.
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Captain comes and demands to sit in my lap when I'm on the computer... without fail. He'll climb all over my computer, walk on the keys (did I mention I have a laptop?) stick his little face in the crook of my arm and mew pitifully.

Kanoe likes to come and snuggle with us at night and she has a little ritual where she comes up and bows her head to be kissed. It's so sweet... it's obviously not just a head butt because she bows her head and waits for the kiss. Then she'll sit on top of us and purr (her purr has become more and more pronounced the longer she's been with us) and kiss us and lick us and let us kiss her.

Toulouse ALWAYS comes with me to the bathroom... he likes to do the same thing I'm doing (I'll leave that to your imagination) and when I'm in the shower he'll get up under the curtain between the liner and the curtain and sit against or on the side of the tub. He always attacks my bathrobe when I get out, or my towel, or my hair... whichever is closest... and when he's not doing any of those things he likes to curl up in the sink. We have a ritual in the morning when I brush my teeth... he'll come up and wait for me to turn the water on, and he'll have a drink while I brush. Then he'll jump down and I'll finish up. *laugh* Toulouse is SO BIG!!! He's at least 9 lbs at 9 1/2 months and is fuzzy as all get out so he looks even bigger....
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ALL the time. Becky is a little princess and doesn't like to be petted or touched or picked up unless she's in the mood for it. And when she is, she will come up on my lap and start purring and give me the cutest look. She also likes to sleep on my belly at night it's sooooo cute She's such a sweetie
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Yes. many, MANY things. Pudge is a very quirky cat.
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hey Kaleetha, where did you get the name Toulouse from? It reminds me of the quarters in New Orleans, Toulouse is a street with some very good bars/clubs on it.
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Trout is the happiest kitty in the world right in the morning when I get up..As soon as I walk out of the bedroom..she is all meows, and walking around against my feet trying to trip me with her love...I love it!
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Skittles has a certain pathetic meow which means he wants to jump on my lap. Then, when he does, he likes to bury his nose in the crook of my elbow. So cute.
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Scooter will lie on his back, fold his paws under his chin, and smile at me. (You can see his cute little smile in my siggy.) He only does it when he is being naughty and is about to be scolded. When he lays on his back he looks like he is wearing little underpants. He's lucky he is unbearably cute, he is soooo naughty, and very unrepentant.
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Henrietta begs to be picked up by reaching up with her front paws, she "talks" the whole time she's in the litter box until she's done burying, AND she chews on the printer.

Samuel will do everything he can to get to his "spot" on the couch next to me, even if I havepeople overand there's about 3 inches of room for him. Overall, he's my snuggly guy. He likes to be near me at all times, and on my lap if possible. At first I was a little irritated by it, but now when he doesn't do it I miss it!
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Java lifts her nose when i say 'kisses' so i can kiss her. she actually will run from another room when i come home to greet me this way
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Originally Posted by Blueyes
hey Kaleetha, where did you get the name Toulouse from? It reminds me of the quarters in New Orleans, Toulouse is a street with some very good bars/clubs on it.
Um, I'm actually not sure now. *thinks for a minute* The guy and I put together a whole list of names and then whittled it down to what we liked best. I confess though, I liked Toulouse from the start. I know a character in Moulin Rouge was named Toulouse... but that's not where I got it from.... *sheesh* I just don't remember... I'm sorry! (I'll edit this later if I do remember.)
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My Tavia gets pouched whiskas food every morning at about 6:30-7 and she will wait on me to get home from work to feed her and she will meow at me when I walk past the bathroom door while I do everything that I need to to get ready for bed before I feed her and she has a shelf she sits on and eats on in the bathroom and when I walk by the bathroom door she will meow and then stick her foot out and try to grab me to get my attention
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Gosh we all have so many, I'll try to limit myself, lol...

Conner has to sleep with me really close, and when I say really close, I mean inside my shirt close. He will scare me while I am sleeping cuz he will crawl up the bottom of a shirt and pop his head out of the neck hole right underneath my chin and pur up a storm and just cuddly me to death.

Conner get's wet food as a special treat and I always make him stand on his back feet as a trick to get it before I put it down for him. When he wants his wet food he will 'walk' all over the kitchen on his back paws like a little human, and meows pitifuly the whole time, he looks like a circus bear. I can't help but laugh, who could ignore that?

Conner has tons of toys, but he doesnt play with any of them, he never has. (he only plays with milk-jug rings). Well, I keep the toys for him anyways in a little basket next to his little kitty scratcher and litter box. Like I said, he doesnt play with them, but he insists they be all over the house. I will pick them all up and put them in his basket, and he will walk over and gingerly remove one and go lay it in the middle of the living room, go back and get another and put in on the couch, and puts another under a pillow on the bed, and so on and so on. I proceed to pick them up and he does it again. It is irritating but it is so funny and cute. He is such an interactive cat. I think he thinks of it as playing hide and seek with the silly human. lol. I love my baby!!!!!
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