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New Annie & Purrty Girl Baby Pics

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Here they are playing in thier box
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More pics in the box
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We let them out for a bit to see the world
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They are pretty quick
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They are soooooooooo precious!!! I'm so jealous you have all those mini fur balls running around your house!
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I love the last picture-

"Hey Mom, if you are eating it must mean it's time for our dinner, too!"
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Here is my Doll Baby Peanut. He is still doing good and we are going Thursday for another checkup and adjust his medication
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Peanut is so cute! what a dollbaby!
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Oh, my goodness! He's just adorable.
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What a calliopie of colors and personalities!
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It's so fun to watch their personalities develop and to see them experience everything for the first time. Those mommies are sure doing a good job(With the help of you and your husband).
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OMG, I can't believe how they have grown. They are the cutest little things. I want to play too!!!!!!!

Peanut is so pretty/handsome, he looks soooooo sweeeeet!!!!
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They have grown so much. I love the calico!

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Hi Sandie,.What little dolls,.Peanut has the most adorable little baby face,.What is wrong with him,.w/.medication and all,?.I had never seen any of these adorable little kittens before,.and sure enjoyed your website,.Thanks for sharing it!!!
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Oh Sandie!! They are all SOO cute!!! And Peanut is just to die for!!! Oooowweeee!! I could just snuggle him to bits right now!! *squish* :laughing2
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Sandie I am so jealous!!! I wanna play with the babies!!!

Peanut is such a little doll. Such a strong spirit in that one, you can see it in his little face.

TLEA, and anyone else newer to the site who doesn't know (or remember ) here is the link to the last pics of the babies and has the history of why little Braveheart aka Peanut is so special to Sandie and Ken.

Annie and Purrty Girl baby update
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Oh they are SOOOOOO cute! Thanks for the pics!!!
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Thank you all so much, and thank you vanlanhb for posting the link to the story on Peanut. They are all so much fun to have around. We bought something called the Great Wall from Jeffers Pet. It's hard plastic and you can make it as large as you like. This way I can put everyone that's 4 weeks old and they have more room to run around, but no too much. They will need to learn how to use the litter box before they get the whole room
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Here they are in thier Great Wall, Even Peanut has joined them to play at times. I just love it when everyone is asleep, I think mom does too
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Gosh they have gotten so BIG!!!

How are Rhiann's kitts doing?
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LOL, yeah you should see all the little tiny claw marks I have. They LOVE to play and climb. They will climb your arms if you let them
BAD CAT MOM: I will post some pictures of Rhiann's cuties tonight. They also are getting bigger and thier eye's are just starting to open!!
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I'm glad Peanut is doing better. Those pics make me yearn for some kittens. I guess that's the real benefit of breeding cats
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Oh they are lovely, there is no other word. I love the picture with the two trying to suckle their mother while she's eating. Very moving.

I would love to kiss them :lips: , hold them all in my arms, though I don't know if I'd have enough space... How many are they in all ? 7 or 8 ?

Kittens are so precious, you'd wish they'd never grow up. I have the chance to own a female cat who is particularly petite. She is almost 8 years old but hardly weights 4 pounds. She looks like a 6 month old kitten.

When the vet wants to weigh her, she puts her into a sort of scale that looks like a food scale, you know the kind you use when you're on a diet and are careful on the quantity you eat... But it indeed must be a scale for baby animals such as puppies and kittens...

I just never get tired of these pictures and am waiting with impatience for the next ones ! Thank you. :flower:

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Yes, they are all VERY adorable. I wish I could keep them all. Instead, I am doing thurough interviews with potential new mom and das. I cry every time one leaves here It is a very good experience to watch them grow and learn. I have a facination with cat behavior, so I have learned alot from them.
Right now we have 11 kittens. 8 of them are almost 5 weeks old and the other 3 are almost 2 weeks old. It's going to be a riot when they are all out running free in the room
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I can imagine !!!

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OMG - life is good isn't it - they are all soooooo precious....
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