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Veeshan's pic by Chanan

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I just wanted to share this. I cant believe this is my cat. I am so proud!

Veeshan didnt do to bad at her second show. She earned 4 points towards her grand, which is better then none in my opinion.
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Very beautiful Somilia - I love those cats. Excellant color on her too. How old? I'm sure she will be a grand in a short time. Are you showing her championship or in the altered class?

BTW Channon is probably the best photographer in the cat world - have never seen a bad Channon photo
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Gorgeous!!! I don't know anything about Somalia's, but I bet it won't take long for her to Grand!!
What traits are special to Somalia's? She has a beautiful coloring!!
Good luck!!
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She is absolutely beautiful, and so is the photograph. I wish I could have that Channon take a picture of my Simba.
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Is he/she being shown in CFA?
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Thank you everyone and yes I show her in CFA.
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Veeshan is a gorgeous cat.
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