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My Peanut acts itchy

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OK....after our cat enclosure was built and the cats were allowed to play and roll in grass again, I noticed that Peanut when nuts.

For no reason, he darts back and forth stopping to itch his back, his tail, his paw, his foot...he's constantly cleaning himself then DARTING off. He can't stay in one place for a very long time. He seems the happiest when he's sleeping, really.

Reading through the "Flea" section of this web site, I see that cats can be allergic to fleas. Well, I am starting to think that might be Peanut's problem. It's like he's going mad.

Is there some sort of medication for this condition? Like benedryl for felines, or something?

Thanks All!
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My Fred had a terrible flea allergy. I treated him with Advantage and he was fine within hours. His was so bad he had scratched all the hair off of his head and dug almost to the bone. He cried constantly. Even if it isn't a flea allergy, if Peanut is going outside, he should be treated for fleas. I hope this helps.
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Hi there, it coul well be a flea Allergy - my Cornish Rex Monty is allergic to fleas and as this breed has very short fine hair anyway, when he started to scrath it off it became fairly obvious - we took him to the vet and they gave us some Frontline - he was also fine within a few hours. If they have an allergy you will usually be able to see a smallish scaley like lump where the flea bite is... kinda like eczma..... keep us up to date on him!!
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Dani's allergic to flea bites also. She was always scratching, biting and darting through the house (she's an indoor cat). She couldn't even play with her favorite paper ball toy without scratching herself. When I noticed, what I thought were, scratches that broke the skin, I took Dani to the vet. They told me it was an allergic reaction and gave me advantage for topical application and they gave her a shot to clear up the skin. She was my old Dani in a few days when her skin began to clear.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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