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Here is a picture of where the organs are. I hope I got it all correct. I had to absorb it all so fast. He did not write on he xray. Here it is. He said her intestines are being pushed up with the babies being there.

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I see them now! I hope you have good luck with the pregnancy!

Thank you KittyCity81! I will keep you all posted..

I tried calling again today....nothing. I think I will ask to go over there again...also, my birthday isn't far away. So that should change something. Hopefully..thank you all for the warm wishes and thoughtful prayers!
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no problem we will keep all prayers coming. Good luck.
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Well, I'm going over to my mom's tomorrow because we are mowing the lawn. I'm going to try and talk to her again...so wish me luck!

I hope i will be able to go inside and see the cats....and Nuby *fingers crossed*
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please let me know
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Well, I never made it to my mom's. We had to take my brother to the Emergency Room for his diabetes. He's fine now btw. Though we were all too tired to go to my dentist appointment (don't know if you read my thread) from being up till 6:00 a.m. We have to make another appoint. So you can imagine we didn't make it over to my mom's. My brother was going to mow the lawn, but his arm hurt from the iv.

Though, I did get a hold of my mom on the phone today. She said Nuby has not had the kittens yet, but is really big. I'm still worried about my mom though...she's not better yet. At least Nuby is ok...
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Has your mom seen a doctor yet...
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Yes, nothing seems to help her.
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That doesn't sound good..
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I know..she's been like this for a while. I don't want to get into specifics, but she is pretty messed up. I try to do what I can, but it's best to leave her alone till she gets out of it.

OKay, enough of that.....I'm just so glad Nuby is ok! I was really worried about my baby. I'll be sure and keep you all updated.
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Good news...finally!! My mom is doing a lot better! She is able to talk to me on the phone and stuff now. My brother went over there to mow the lawn today and saw Nuby......lets just say she's FAT! He said she looks like she swallowed a basket ball! At least he agrees now that she is Preg..lol I guess I won't really know when she's having the kittens till she has them. We aren't sure when she got pregnant.

I will be sure and keep you all up to date with everything.
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dang lol I wish I had fluffy cats like you guys do
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She is pretty fluffy isn't she? My brother said when he first saw her he didn't see a difference, but then he picked her up...
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He should of got a picture any other new yet.
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He doesn't have a camera and really didn't want to lend mine to him. No other news yet...I'm just waiting for the kitten call!
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You are now the granmother in waiting
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Yup! I talked to my mom today and she said Nuby is HUGE!! She said really really WIDE! Her nipples are getting swollen (i think it was) and she should pop any day now!

I can't wait!!!!
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I am so excited now too
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any news on Nuby??
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I was wondering also.
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I'm waiting patiently to hear some news on Nuby....your last post was on the 1st (I think)......what's happening?????
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Same here but nothing yet
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She had them about 8:30 p.m. May 4th!!! She started off with four, but we found a fifth (poly) one dead this morning. They are the cutest little things ever!! I have pics, but I have to get my URL cable. Two of them are black with white tummys and then the other two are tortishell (though mostly black). Nuby is doing great! She is in a good mood, taking care of the kittens, and still managing to groomer herself (she was a mess). She purred while they nursed for the longest time. I think she will make a great mother.

I will get the pics up as soon as I can.
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I am heading to bed Can hardly see... I will check in morning.... Way to bo Nuby.... ooooooooo I guessed 5
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Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics!
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awsome can't wait to see pics Yeah.....
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Congratulations!!! But I am also sorry one little one didn't make it....
Blessings on them all!!
Kitty kisses all around!
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i guessed 4...since 4 survived does that mean i was right? sorry about that little one...Congrats on the others!
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YEA NUBY!!!!!!!!!! Its about time! LOL Poor girl looked ready to explode weeks ago.
Can't wait to see the pics!
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Yes she did.. I hope to see pictures soon.
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