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I'm thinking of getting a cat but I am not sure if I should.

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I want a cat but I am not sure if it would be fair or safe to have one. I live in a small apartment and I am usually away from home on the weekends. How much room does a cat need and can it be left alone for a couple days a week?
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How a cat reacts to being left alone really depends on the cat's personality. Unfortunately, there's no a good way to tell how a cat will react until you know its personality and/or it is in a particular situation. Some cats may be fine on their own for a couple of days, but others will become very destructive and can be a danger to themselves and to your apt. It would be a shame for you and a possible new cat if you had to give the cat back because the cat couldn't work with your schedule .

If you really want a kitty, is it possible to have someone stop in to check on the cat? If you get a cat and he/she is the type that can be left alone for 2 days (with plenty of food, water and litter sources), then he/she could be ok for a couple of days alone. I wouldn't want to routinely leave a cat (or cats) alone for a couple of days each week though (without at least a visit or two from someone).

I have tested my cat and he paces himself with his food, is ok with two days worth of 'stuff' in his litter box, and when he is left alone during the day, he isn't destructive to my apt. I think he'd be fine if I went away for two days and couldn't get a friend to stop in. But, I've had my kitty for a while so I know his personality.

On the other hand, a friend's cat could never be left alone for a couple of days. If the litter box is not clean, he will do his business outside of it. And, he is forever climbing on things and trying to pull things down to play with. He'd tear her place apart and maybe even hurt himself.

As for the space a cat needs, there should be no problem in having a cat in an apt. You'd just want be sure to give the cat some good playtime.
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cats are actually solitary animals. But over time, they have developed a need for us as we have for them. They do tend, once they have bonded, to get a bit moody when they are left for periods of time. They can, as Vikki has already mentioned, become quite destructive in their angst to figure out where their human left, and why?

Perhaps right now, you might find another pet to keep you company that wouldn't be so high maintanence perhaps a hamster, or guinea pig, or even a rabbit. I applaud you for asking this question before you decide because to many times, people will react and get an animal and expect that animal to conform on their (human) terms, and some animals just don't work that way.

I know that local animal shelters do sponsership programs where you can send a little bit of money towards a fostered cat or dog, and receive updates, photos and tidbits along the way. Maybe not as satisfying in your mind as actually owning a cat, but a lot less stressful on you or the animal, should the cat not work out and you are faced with "Well, what do I do with it now?"
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There's also the option of adopting an older cat whose history is known. Generally, the more laid-back a kitty is, the more comfortable they are with being alone.

Also, there's the option of adopting two cats so they don't get lonely, but even then there's no guarantee that one or both won't become stressed when you are gone.

But for the most part, cats don't need a whole lot of room, and can take care of themselves enough for their owners to go out of town. It it's going to be more than two days, though, you will need someone to check on them at least every other day, to scoop out the box, freshen the food supply and make sure the water bowl is full.
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I would completely agree with Cooie. Look into adopting an adult cat from a shelter. Like she said, then you will have a better idea of personality. Also, you definitely would not want to leave a kitten alone for a couple days at a time. You may not have an apartment left when you come back!
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I agree with Cooie and valanhb about getting an older cat. Kittens are fun, but they need alot of attention. Cats usually mellow out after 5years of age, also older cats have a lower adoption rate. Good luck, let us know what you decide.

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I would wait to adopt until you have a better situation. Or you have a tough decision.....adopt and spend your weekends home. Besides once you bring a kitty into your life you won't want to spend too much time away. They are truly irresistable.
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I'd get 2 cats so they can keep each other occupied!
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