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Third eye question

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Does anyone know what couldcause the third eye to appear all the time sometimes worse , sometimes tearing I have been to the vet and he gave me Dronatal tablets but it did not seem to work maybe a little Help with any answers will help we are going back to the vet Thanks , melinda
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There are several infecctions that can cause the third eyelid to show along with other things like trauma to the eye. If there are no other signs of an upper respitory infection, the vet needs to have a peek and an eye ointment should be prescribed. If the vet gave you Dronctal, that's a worming medication and wouldn't effect the eye
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Thanks for your quick repy we are off to the vet again tomorrow I wil ask for the ointment I do have a triple anti. for cats eyes already I may try it on one of them and about the Dronatal third eye is a sign odf tapeworm and we were hopeing the cure ( There is info on this on google search third eye problem and/or haws in cats)since its a quick one but must move on. Thanks again I will keep you informed since this is the 1st time I have come accross this in 10years and 9 cats later and very little info to find..
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To be honest, it's not very common for Tapeworm to be the primary cause of the third eyelid showing. When they did studies, they also found other causes in conjunction with the tapeworm. Hopefully they find out whats causing it. Please let us know
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I just recently had one of my cats ill with a kidney/bladder infection and her third eyelid was the first thing to show that she was ill. After just one day of the third eyelid showing she stopped eating and was burning up with fever. Luckily we diagnosed her quickly and after 10 days of Naxel injections, she is fine. She is feluk positive and that's the reason for the strong antibiotic injections.

Good luck
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I don't want to scare you but when this happened to our cats it was from tasting antifreeze dripping out of a neighbor's car. I was away at school at the time and my mother unfortunately waited several weeks to take them to the vet (thanks mom) and they all died. If it had been earlier the damage might have been reversable, but the kidneys were too far gone. So keep her inside until you find out!
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