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Newborn pics

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Here are some pics of my Tinkerbelle's babies born this afternoon (4 in total). A nice April fool's surprise!

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Face pics

Baby 2

Baby 1,3 or 4.....its one of them!

Mum and babies

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Awwwwww! Totally too cute! How many boys & how many girls? Makes me want to get another!
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they are gorgeous, you must be so proud! I cant wait for my tinkerbelle to have hers !
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They are adorable little babies and so is their Mommy.
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No idea who are boys and girls! I'll let her settle a bit and when she's having some food later I'll have a check.

We've thought of names.....

Ginger ones - Boris (boy), Simba (boy or girl), Honey (girl)

Dark one - Mimi (if its a girl)...haven't thought of a boys name yet.

Thanks for all your well wishes. I feel like I have had a groups of friends surrounding me this afternoon whilst I have been a nervous (but happy) wreck!
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Congratulations!! They are very cute!! I also happen to think 4 is the purr-fect number!! I am glad that Tinkerbelle and babies are all doing well, she looks content in the last picture!!
Make sure you update us as they grow!!
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Awwww, I am in love! They are so beautiful!

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Btw, this site: has pictures that make it easier to sex a newborn kitten. Hope that helps!
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*whines* When will Chloe ever have her babies?? LOL Congrats on the new babies! They are so sweet
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Guess what....?

The three ginger ones are boys and the dark one is a girl!!! Thanks poohandwendy for that website.

Boy 1 - Simba
Girl 1 - thinking still....
Boy 2 - thinking still....
Boy 3 - Boris (he's the one with the stripe down his back)

The kids are in their nest upstairs. Mum had a nice bowl of food about 30 mins ago then went downstairs for a cuddle with her beloved boyfriend Gizmo (not the daddy of the babies, he's neutered). She came back after a good while. Im surprised she left them, but amazed at her loyalty and love for Gizmo!

Gizmo has no interest in the babies. However, he did walk into the room where the nest was, after she had given birth and was settled, and gave her a kiss and a lick!

Cats are amazing!
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oh how tiny! They are beautiful!
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No problem Minxie, that site really helped me figure it out when my kittens were tiny.

Sounds like everyone is settled in nicely!
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Yes all the cats and kittens are asleep! My turn soon!

I thought of the names......the dark girl is Amelia, and the ginger boy without a name previously is Theodore.
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Aw, I really like their names! Go get your much needed rest Minxie...and keep us updated when you have a chance!
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Now that am finally here LOL. They are so beautiful. I love the names.
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The first one looks exactly like our first one and now that they are almost a week old, he was also the feet first one and has the loudest and most vocal of them all! It's amazing how they have their own personalities!
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sniff sniff soon they will be all grown up and out of the house
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They appear to be fat, healthy and happy babies! Good job!
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Yes they are fat! especially the boys! Is that a good thing? Tinkerbelle is eating lots, she's wanting food about 4-5 times a day...but she is back to her usual slinky self.

It's so funny watching them suckle on mum - they fight for the nipples and push each other out the way. The girl kitten, Amelia, seems to have inherited her mum's grace. However, the other three boys - they will be scrappers!

One reason why the boy cats may be of a big build (I think they will be bigger than their mum when they are grown!) is that we suspect the daddy is a white cat belonging to some people a few houses away from us. They call this cat 'the Monster' because he is huge! The owners told me yesterday that they saw him 'sniffing around' Tinkerbelle a few months ago (I can't imagine my dainty little Tinkerbelle with Mr Monster!).

Not sure why Mr Monster hasn't been neuteured. Anyway, Tinkerbelle is strictly indoors until she has been spayed. In fact, all my cats are indoor cats, but they do like to sneak out once in a while.

I've started to handle the kittens and surprisingly Tinkerbelle is ok with it. She only gets concerned when she hears them cry. I think we're going to keep all 4.

By the way...its true when they say placentas are cat litter tray was a nuclear bomb site this morning.

Here are some pics of mum and the babes this morning....

Here they are at 4 days old....

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This litter reminds me a LOT of the litter my aunt's stray had! One little calico girl and 3 little orange boys!

They're all so beautiful, and so is mama! Congrats!
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