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why are people cruel like this?

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I was a bit saddened today....

My cat Tinkerbelle is having kittens (and yes she's off to the spaying doctor in good time!). Presuming all goes well, I'm keeping two kittens (the vet said there are 2-3).

However, a neighbour today asked me if she could have a kitten, so we got chatting about her and her cat history. She actually told me that she got two cats last year ago from a rescue place and after six weeks she, her husband and the cats had ring worm. What upset me was then when she then laughed and said "yeah I had to get rid of them, put them in a box and left them at the side of the road - it took ages for us to get rid of the damn ring worm. I'm so desperate for a little healthy cute kitten after that".

Thinking I was a friendly neighbour, I think she felt 'safe ' in telling me that and expected me to agree with her. I told her point blankly what I thought...that was no way to treat an animal ring worm or not and that she should have gone to the vet. There is no way she is having any of my Tinkerbelle's kittens. I made that clear.

If I see her with a new kitten/cat in future, I dont know what to think/do.
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Good for you! People like that make infuriate me.

I also won't let my kittens go to people like that, but especially my grandparents. I love them, but they're animal collectors, essentially. They feed them, put them outside, give them water, take them to the vet, but that's all. Not once when I was over there did I see them LOVE them. I think they have like 9 or ten dogs, and 8 or so cats...and not an overly large house, either (normal size). The cats are typically feral, the dogs are either attention starved and/or bark at us constantly/try to bite us...especially the one chiuaiua...she's vicious. My grandma already asked me if Gemma has an orange or black kitten, if I could give it to them....I said I'll see what she has, but I didn't say I'd give them one. I'll lie that they already all have homes, if I have to. Plus, I know she wants a black kitten to replaces the black twins Bart and Leo that had died a few years ago, and an orange to replace Ferd. I've seen it before with them, they had a dog die, and the day or so after I heard they bought another of the same breed... it makes me so sad.

Again, good for you for standing up to her like that... People like that baffle me.
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I agree, good for you! It takes a lot of courage to do what you did.

I had a similar situation, where I actually had to take back a kitten I gave to someone. I got a lot of flack from a lot of people, including her family, which I was friendly with, but eventually, they realized it was the right thing.

If you ever see her with another animal and you suspect abuse, just call the animal control people.

You done good
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You could ring the rspca and tell then what she told you.

they will be able to put it on record and you never know, they might be looking for the people who dumped the kittens.
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People like that make me so angry I am so glad you told her that she wasn't going to be getting one of your kittens - people like that don't deserve to have pets!

My next door neighbour used to pester me about looking after Mittens if we ever went on holiday. The one time I left Mittens in her care, she starved her!! I was so angry that I had a massive row with her and we haven't spoken since
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Good for you, for speaking out for those poor defenseless babies, and any other cats that may have the misfortune to cross paths with your neighbor. I agree with Maverick Kitten; call the SPCA and see if they have any comments or recommendations. I know I have a few opinions for your neighbors!
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What a loser. You did the right thing!
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A big round of applause for telling the neighbor like you did.
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I don't understand how people can think that sort of thing is ok. they are not a childs toy if it breaks dump it and get a new one.
Some neighbors down the road had a beautiful boxer. After I called and complained about her being tied out with no shelter and thin the animal people decided not to press charges and "educated her" the dog looked lovely after a while and they walked her and took care of her and had a new found intrest for their dog. Until they got the little pomeranian, they had their cute little house dog and the beautiful dog was back tethered to the fence where on occation they threw food to the dog. I only knew that because I see them do it, It was so sad to see her reaching and scatching for loose kibble that wasn't quite in her reach. I took the dog, but was made to give it back. But, aco immediately made her surrender the dog to them and she was charged with animal cruelty, I think the family (parents) only got community service and had to pay all the medical treatment of the dog, but it's a start, I would like to see them all do time, but atleast they are starting to take animal welfare more seriously.
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Hurrah for you!!!!

I would have done the same thing. And IF she somehow obtains another cat, I would contact the Humane Society - and tell them about her past. She may not reveal it to them and they may allow her to keep the kitty and then you might have to find a way to get the cat away from her. Ppl like that do not deserve little lives that need love and caring!
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Arg! That makes me angry just thinking about it. Reminds me of this guy I saw on the side of the road once. Actually it was only a few weeks ago. We were driving back to campus and saw this man and woman walking what looked to be a german shepard. The dog was young and obviously still a puppy. Well like most dogs, the puppy pulled on the leash and I saw the man jerk the leash back. (The dog was on a choke chain btw.) and then I saw him kick the dog in the head. Seconds later he pulled the pup onto its back paws, practically choking him. I wanted my friend to stop the car, but he kept going. My other two friends were late for something. I felt so bad that I had not made my friend stop the car. I would have given that man a piece of my mind.

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Just ringworm!?! Gah! That's like the most trivial thing you could possibly catch from an animal!! I've had it twice and all it costs you is some antifungal cream... and for this she abandons kittens?
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