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Okay, Fred is acting weird!

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I've had Fred for about 3 weeks now and he's about 10 or 11 weeks old. In the past two days, his behavior has changed a bit. He seems to be in the litter box an awful lot and he talks when he is in there. He hasn't been doing this all along.

It's time for his second worm treatment -- could the worms be back?

He is also a bit more frantic when he is not sleeping. While he is not destructive, he seems more like a psycho kitty, never standing still. While I assume this is typical kitten behavior, he wasn't like this for the first 2 weeks. Luckily my other cat Parker is under 2 and is still willing to play with Fred most of the time. They just run from one end of the condo to another...it's hilarious with the thumping of 8 little paws.

New mommy with tons of questions.

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Some cats are just talkers, but I assume Fred has been seen by a vet lately and has been checked out okay? If he is still eating, pooping and peeing then I wouldn't be to worried. I have had some kittens that loved to just sit in the litterbox and so I ended up putting out more boxes so the other kittens wouldn't have to find alternate places to go.

Fred sounds like a typical kitty. He is exploring his world and kitties love to play. If you know anyone who smokes, the cellophane wrapper off a box of cigarettes is fascinating to a kitty. So are the rings off the milk jugs, empty spools of thread, empty toilet and paper towel holders, crumpled balls of aluminum foil, paper bags opened on the floor.

It may not be that his worms are back, it could be that he just had a ton of them to get rid of them, and sometimes two treatments are needed, but that is your vet's call. Please remember the worming medicine is poison and you could possibly in your concern (without checking with the vet first) do some damage if you worm him again before he is due. Typically, it is 7-10 days from the first worming, but asking the vet to do a fecal will help ease your mind.

Welcome to kittydom!
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My kitty has always talked to me when he uses the potty. or he talks to himself. I have no idea why, but I think maybe he's proud or something. He talks all the time though. And he loves to run around in the clean litter box and go crazy.
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Maybe he's just settling in now after 2 or 3 weeks. He is now due for his second worming treatment. I'll take him this week. I'm thinking now it might be an early sign of territory marking too. He seems to want to go in his box often when I'm in the same room or nearby and especially after I scoop out the mess. He takes the posture of going to the bathroom and nothing happens.

As for the talking, it happening more in general. He was "yelling" at me from his cage at the shelter before I adopted him, and I guess I should've know he'd eventually be a motor mouth. As long as he is no longer keeping me up at night, I think it's cute.

Thanks for helping an obsessive new mommy!

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