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Please post pics if you have them of your babies when you first got them!

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Here is first of all our Trixie at 8-9 weeks!

Then came along Petals......poor sick little Petals at about 5 weeks

Then Tiggy came into our life. He was about 4 months!

Then little sick, dirty Bailey Boo last August!

Let's see your babies when they first came to live with you!
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What precious pics!!!!!!! My girls were adults when I got them so I love kittie pics!!
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Harley...when he was a little baby, about 8-10 weeks old!

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That's really all I have is when I first got them.
Someone needs to pity my cameralessness

Little Bug, now she's a 13 pound terror

Cassi, hasn't changed much except she's out of her shell and no longer over grooming.

My boys, baby Vash and baby Trouble

Baby Vash

Baby Trouble
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Poor thing looks so bad and sad... Good thing he is with you know. WOW. I have one of Skittles but no cue where I put it. I will have to look later on. This was taken like 2 months after we had her.

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Festie was born here. Here is one of the earliest pics...she is the kitten at the bottom of the pic, you can see her back and tail. She looks a lot like her Momma, Miss Kitty (aka Jasmine-not to be confused with our black Jasmine!)

Another...Festie is at the top in this pic!

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This is Jasmine when I first got her. She is the one in back, her sister Blue is the brave girl in front! They were about 10 weeks old, and basically feral.
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Rocky's first day- Look at those ears!

Zakk at 6 months- this was taken within a week of being w/ us, and he was already quite at home on his new condo.

The two little goofballs- this wasn't taken very long ago but boy have they changed:

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Here they are! 10 weeks old!

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I have tons more pictures of Rishi, as he was the first one we brought home. Most of these are of him right before he came home, when he was still at his breeder's house with his brothers.

Here's one of him shortly after he came to our house

Poor Frankie got the short end of the stick when it came to pics, as he was the second "child." Here are a couple of him from shortly after his arrival our house:

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Here's Limerick what he first came home:

Here's him now:

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Here are the very first pictures I have of Portia when I first found her at 1-2 days old

And here's baby Diesel at 8 weeks!
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The best baby pics are of Suzy and Sam. Here's Sooz...

Suzy and Sam on Daddy's lap (at the dinner table )

Sam the second night (Sooz with her back to the camera)...

And the first decent shot I got of Cindy and Fawn. They came to us at 5 months, and this was at about 6 and a half...

Gryphon and Nibs, we have no baby pics, as they were 6 when they came to us; Shasta's baby pics are well buried -- I wish I could find one album in particular, because I know there are a couple of cute ones.
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Wonderful pics guys!! Love them!
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This is Abby's PetFinder picture. She was around 8 months old.

This is from the first week we had her, and one of my favorites:

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I found these of Rosie and the ex on the day we brought her home

And baby Sophie

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Here is a picture of Wowzers - she came here about a year ago (already pregnant), this picture was taken in June when she had her kittens.

Gracie was a stray that arrived last fall. This was the first picture I took of her.

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Hope, Gracie is so cute......did you keep her?
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I actually took care of mom and babies for a while so I got Meeka at 5 weeks and Hope at 3 weeks.

You can kind of see Hopes little chest is deformed in this pic (she grew out of it):

You can see the size difference between Hope and her silver sibling (tiny baby):
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Yes we did keep her. She had a severe case of ear mites, but other than that everything has been ok.

Here is a current pic of her.

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I will have to do some digging!! Here is Mocha when I first found him in the parking lot. Just had to bring him to work with me!

Here is one of Tigger with my son.

Tigger now!

I will hunt for more of the others!!!
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Awww, everyone's picture are just gorgeous!

I'm going to have to hunt through my pictures and scan the ones of Tibby and Molly!!

Here's Willow though! He was under five months when he arrived!

with Tibby and Molly!

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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
I actually took care of mom and babies for a while so I got Meeka at 5 weeks and Hope at 3 weeks.

Awwww I am so in love! What a little cutie pie!
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The Coz-ster her first day in her new home . She was only about 6 weeks old!

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i've posted these before, but they're so cute!
the day Cable was found, taken at school

Cable her first weekend home

Cable now

Java her first night home

Java now

Pixel & Mouse - i didn't have a camera when they were kittens & Chip is an adult adoptee!
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Oh such wonderful pictures. I wish i had had a camera when my two were little. Here's the only ones i could find....

Lucky (about 3 weeks after i found her - ~7weeks old here)

And baby Rambo (about 8 weeks old)
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I love this thread! This was baby Chloe at about 9 weeks or so. Her belly fur was starting to grown back in after being spayed. (She still tries to lay on my desk like this and now she's 9.5 pounds and almost 1.5 years old.)

Little Iris was about 5 months. This was actually one of her Petfinder.com photos.
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Awww, little Chloe is just simply adorable!

I love all these little babies, how sweet they all are!
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Oh my goodness - this is going to be one of my favorite threads!

Here is Ophelia the day after she came through the wall. This was such a huge mistake - catching a scared feral kitten and forcing her to be held like that. But I didn't know at the time...

Here's Trent about a week after we brought him home, and one of my favorite pics of him. He had his little tongue sticking out.

While Ophelia still doesn't like being picked up, she accepted that the big thing waving the toys wasn't out to hurt her. She enjoyed play time with her big brother Trent. Bringing him home was the best thing we ever could have done for her.

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Great pictures everyone!!

Here is Stumpy shortly after we found him:

Scarlett and her brother Twinkle Toes - we had them a few weeks and they were bottle fed after their mom died. We adopted Twinkle Toes and Scarlett is the queen of our house:

Oscar, Spanky and Billie shortly after their arrival. Billie was adopted:

(L-R) Muddy, Elwood, Koko and Jake the day after we brought them in - their feral mom disappeared one night. Jake and Elwood were adopted to friends in Denver. You can see Elwood's polydactyl feet if you look close:
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