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well, here we go again. Another new fish.

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Alright, this is my third attempt at a calico fantail goldfish. The other two I had both died fairly quickly. This time, I bought a big one, hopefully he wont be as fragile as the tiny ones I bought before.

I even took the risk of naming him right away. His name is Freckles.

He's actually much prettier in person but I'm still having difficulty taking good pictures of my fish.
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What a beautiful fish! Hi Freckles!

Hopefully you'll have better luck with this one...
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He's cute! Good luck with him!!!
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Heres a picture of my cat watching kittie TV. LOL I had two goldfish, but one died. We are going to get another one, but we have to get a big one. Or are other goldfish will eat the smaller ones. :-(
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Marie, how's Freckles doing?

Can your cats access the aquarium? Cosette has gotten VERY good at jumping from the ground all the way onto the top of the aquarium .
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Unfortunately, I'm having a lot of problems with my tank.

Freckles died a few days ago. I also lost Kibbles recently.
It only leaves Tiny now, who seems to be doing fine... so far.

I think I need a new filter. My tank has been running for months now and I had no problems before... but now I'm getting ammonia.
Time for a new filter and I guess I'll have to cycle the tank again. I just hope Tiny can survive that
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oh, and the cats used to jump on top of the aquarium but only when they can jump up from the box of kitty litter. Now they can't anymore.
(I was always afraid that the cover would break, fall in the water with the cat and electrocute cat and fish in the process... or maybe I'm just paranoid)
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When we bought our fish from petsmart, we had a great guy help us out. He knew a lot about fish. He said since gold fish are dirty fish you should only have one to something like a 20 gal tank. But of course we have two to a 30 gal. So he said you should clean out your tank every two weeks. I of course have to make it last longer then that. So I don't clean it out until it has been a month. And it hasn't hurt the fish. Now when you clean out the tank, you should only take out half the water in it. More then that can cause too much shock to the poor fish. I scrub the walls of the tank, and then with the fish cleaner, I suck the dirt up from the rocks. And at the same time of course the dirty water is being sucked out with all the poo and other dirt. I have had two sets of fan tailed gold fish over the years. One set lasted for 7 years, and the other set lasted for 5. They both got real big, and very pretty. When I moved down to KY from MN. They died; my brother didn't put them into a big enough bucket. Poor things didn't have enough oxygen. They use to cost about 9 cents for one. That was when they used them as feeder fish, and that is what they called them. When they found out that people were actually getting them for pets, they started to charge for them. We just bought a freckled fantail. And it cost us 12.00 to me that is just a bit too much. But hey when you can’t get them anywhere else for less. I guess that is what I am going to have to pay. :-(
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