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She's getting worse

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Hi all

I wonder if you can help. We have started to have a
toilet problem with our cat in that she increasingly
does a poo elsewhere but her litter. It only seems
to be poo and rarely wee. Her litter is always kept
clean and it is a large tray that we have used for
a long time with the same litter. She gradually seems
to be getting worse and we are puzzled as to why. We
have tried to find a pattern but nothing seems to fit.
Its not long since she has been to the vet and she
seems fit and well so we believe it is a psychological

Here are some of our thoughts as to why it could be

1. She is an indoor cat and not stimulated enough.
2. She has had constipation pain in the toilet and now associates
the pain with the litter tray.
3. She is freaked out by a visitor and is marking her
4. She is protesting about not getting enough attention
from us.

None of these seems to fit well and it just seems she
is de-toilet training herself.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Many thanks

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You need to take your kitty to the vet
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I would take her to the vet as soon as I could. Good luck!
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You need to take your cat to the vets - her not using the litter tray is her way of telling you that something is wrong
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I know you say it hasn't been long since she was to the vet, but it seems as though something may have happened since her visit. I agree that another trip to the vet would be the best thing. When you call to make the appointment find out if they need a fecal sample.
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