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Spring Flowers (pics)

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The crocuses are in full bloom here in Massachusetts and I took a few pictures this morning:

I know I can't be the only one with flowers up right now. Let's see your pics!
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It's still too freaking cool here
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I just looked at my rose bush, the stems are now green and there are some weird spuds! but its much bigger than 3 weeks ago

I cant wait!
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Karen, you are so lucky! We still have some snow on the ground here!
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Wonderful pics Karen! They're beautiful! Mine are all just starting to pop up from the ground! I can't wait either! Thanks for the pretty uplifting pics!!
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Oooooh so pretty!! No, I don't have any flowers up yet. I don't have huge pretty gardens or anything but I do have a couple flower patches out front ....

....And I just had to add that your new signature is soooo darling, Karen!!! I noticed it a few days ago & I've been meaning to tell you that. Abby looks soo adorable in the little bunny hat you added on!
And it's very seasonable.
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Wow, those are beautiful. Mine are no where near doing anything like that. My hybiscus take forever to get going. I haven't planted anything in my planters yet due to frost still, but once I do - Watch out! I'll be a posting fool! Oh wait I already am!
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Very pretty pics Karen!, none of our greens have come up yet.
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Karen they are beautiful pictures! Looks like spring is springing your way!
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We have daffodils up the wazoo... But I don't have a camera at the moment.

The bulbs were planted by my Dad.
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You have the most beautiful flowers!!!!!! I live in an apartment, so the closest thing I have to flowers is the cat grass I grow . I also wanted to tell you that your siggy pic is soooooooo darn cute!!!!!!!
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my one bed that faces south as tulips up about 2 inches. Other places ground still frozen, too cold or covered with mulch.
Give me a month!!!
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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I've never had crocuses.

My daffodils have been blooming for several weeks and are past their prime now. I even have two rhododendrons blooming. I'm too lazy to get outside and get pictures today, though.
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Karen...your flowers could not be more beautiful.
I have a cactus that has a few scrawny flowers on it but nothing like the glorious colors on yours.
Hello Spring.
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I took a look in my photo file and see that I did take a photo of one of my Heliobores, which started blooming in mid-January. Unfortunately, they aren't very colorful, but it is nice to have something blooming in the winter. In our cool climate on the coast, they keep blooming until mid-summer.

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I have a yard full of purple weeds.....thats about it. Lots of trees have flowered around here though, along with the typical spring flowers too.
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I have some spring pictures of flowers we have around here. We seem to be in the middle of spring flower wise but the weather is turning colder here. Just hope the flowers are tough enough to survive it.

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Gosh, everyone's flowers are looking great! Spring is definitely brining some colour!

My daffodils are coming out slowly but surely, but the rain we've been having in the afternoons is pretty much making them lie down

I do have one Hyacinth (sp?) that is flowering though!
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Great pictures!! There must be more out there. Let's see them

Thanks for your comments on Abby's sig also.
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what lovely flowers Karen I can't wait till spring comes to St. Louis It's supposed to rain all day today, so maybe soon we'll have flowers
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I took some pictures today as the sun was out! Thought they'd fit in really well with your thread, Karen!

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Oh wow Karen, those are gorgeous! I have no spring flowers........every fall I say I'm going to plant bulbs, but I never get around to it!
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Sarah - I love your hyacinths and primroses! They are gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Sarah - I love your hyacinths and primroses! They are gorgeous!
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Ohhhhh wow everyones pictures are so gorgeous! Makes me wish I had my own yard to plant bulbs again . Where we rented in NH I planted all sorts of bulbs. The daffodils and tulips are out big time here and are beautiful. I also love it when the Bradford Pairs bloom, but they are starting to go by now. Hyacinths are some of my favorite, but someday I imagine I'll have some of everything! My dad has problems keeping tulips, says the voles eat them all. But evidently they won't touch daffodils, I hope I don't have that problem when I have a house!
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Thank you very much, Karen and Susie!

It's the first time I have grown Hyacinth on my own! I didn't have a garden of my own until last June!

It's funny about my Primroses though!! I bought them from a DIY store and they have flowered almost constantly throughout the years that I've had them!

I'll post some pictures of my Daffs tomorrow, when I have have more time for my dial-up to load everything!!
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I've already posted some pics of our crocuses which bloomed a couple of weeks ago. But we have a few more flowers coming out, and I shot some of those today.
A daff

A camelia

Nectarine tree

Greengage Plum

There's more to come, I'm sure.
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That camelia is gorgeous!!!!
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Lovely. Thanks for sharing. Makes me miss my cottage garden so much. We rent now and the place has mature conifers front and back. I have thought about getting some pot plants, but I am sure, that the dogs would just wreck them.
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These are absolutely so lovely! What a joyous vision of Spring!
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