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Neutered cat mounting owner!

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We got our cat from the SPCA about two weeks ago. He is about 5 years old, very sweet and healthy! I don't know when he was neutered, but it appears to have been some time ago.

When he starts making puddins' (or kneading) on me, he starts thrusting and making funny meowing sounds.

I'm not sure what to do about this; I just remove him from me and put him on the ground.

I don't want to reinforce this behavior; any suggestions?
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If you do a quick search of this forum, you'll find that many neutered male cats will do this!

If you find it uncomfortable, continue putting him on the floor or place him on something more appropriate (blanket/soft toy) for him to make sweet lovin' to!
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Thanks for this info; I have checked this site but cannot find a situation where a neutered male mounts a human.

I do have an additional question: I thought that making puddins or kneading was a response to initiating the milk supply from a mother cat. So, if that is true, why does he do this first and then starts this mounting behavior?

Is he just putting all these pleasurable sensations together?
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Today, he bit my cheek while on my lap. Me thinks this cat is just a little confused! I am putting him on a big stuffed bunny, but so far he prefers me!

Any more suggestions?

I'm sure glad he is neutered!!!!
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Male cats will do the kind of neading to get a grip of the female. (my Tibby is presently doing whe whole scenario next to me right now!)

There are many members whose male cats will hump them! Tibby will hump my arm, my chest, my head....but all in all he generally uses my clothes!

One thing I can recommend to help him go towards your clothes rather than you is to wear something (preferably woolen) for a couple of days - without washing it - and sweating! Like doing the gardening or cleaning! This will transfer your scent - which your kitty obviously loves - onto the clothing and make it more appealing!

Also, sometimes, Molly will bite my cheek! It's like a little love bite as opposed to anything else!
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