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So, where do your cats like it...

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To be pet that is. Lucy can't stand to have her tummy rubbed but loves under her chin and around her ears. Daisy loves to be pet everywhere. Annabelle likes butt rubs. Crazy cats
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Hmm...Marlee is so funny, because she'll run up to you and flop on her back like she wants a tummy rub. But when you try to pet her tummy she will push you away with her back legs! She has a spot at the base of her tail that she loves. She'll either push her rear end up towards your hand, or if shes laying down she rolls her head back and purrs.

Woops, answered too quick. I came back and voted Other! ( I guess the tail thing might be a butt rub?)
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Annabelle does the raise the butt thing too
Marlee is so cute!!
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Ivory -top of her head
Vash -likes it rough, sides pats like you'd give a dog
Trouble -a definite elevator butt, but loves the sides of his face scratched as well.
Cassi -Anywhere, as long as she can groom you while you pet her.
Shadow -face and butt
Spaz -top of her head, butt and chin.
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Harley is such a love bug - he likes to be rubbed under his chin, behind his ears, between his eyes, and of course, elevator butt! ( I remember Hissy calling it that once! )
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All of mine like their chins to be petted. Leo is my belly rub boy
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I love the phrase "elevator butt"!! I can't wait to tell my BF that one, he'll get a kick out of it!

And thanks Goosehazel, your babies look pretty cute too!
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Jack Daniels likes his face rubbed.
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Diesel LOVES to have his tummy rubbed, I've never seen a cat like it! And the rougher the better!

Portia loves the ears and back of the neck.
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Miss Tigger loves to have the top of her head rubbed all the way to her nose....
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Gracie likes it around the ears.

Wowzer only likes it under her chin (or else!)

Nate likes it everywhere and anywhere.

They all like a butt rub
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Brownie loves chin rubbing. Mui Mui loves the tummy rub but he will bite me when he got enough of tummy rubbing.
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Jack is a belly rub boy... hence my name on here and one of his nicknames: Rub Slut. He'll flop over whenever I sing-song "Pretty Boy!" and look at him.

JoJo, on the other hand, hates having her belly rubbed... she's a between the ears girl.

As for Elevator Butt? JoJo does it once in a while... my family's been calling it that for YEARS... Started with my brother and sister's littermate kitties: Blackie and Prissy. They both did the EB.

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anywhere but the tummy..
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Yen likes to get her ears itched and can never sit still to be pet. She's gotta walk back and forth, from head to toe! Kitten B loves to have under her chin rubbed but Kitten A cries when ever I tried to pet her...she's mommy's baby!
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They all like ahving their heads and ears scratched.. so I picked that one.


Gordito LOVES his belly to be rubbed. Whenever you come in from being away for any longer than an hour, he will run up to you, flop over on your feet and show his cutsy belly to be rubbed.

Poptart loves his cheeks and chin to be scratched. You only pet his belly if you want to lose an arm.

Nacho lives to be scricthed anywhere.. he's not picky.

Orion loves his belly to be rubbed.. but even more so if you scratch right in between his ears.. he freezes, closes and eyes.. and flattens his ears sideways, like a plane.. and will sit there until you stop.. he just loves that.
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My two love being rubbed underneath their chins
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I had to vote other becasue Phenom likes the whole body massage!! She loves the ears and chin he most though.
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Mine like it anywhere but the belly, but I voted chinny chin chin cuz they like that the best!
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okay, i picked other because i have multiple cats, so i needed multiple answers!
Pixel likes chin rubs, whicker rubs, ear scratches, back scratches, tummy rubs, neck [under the collar] scratches & what i call spankers - firm pats on the behind.
Cable likes ear scratches & back scratches - she will sometimes tolerate whisker & chin rubs.
Java likes whisker rubs, head rubs, ear scratches & chin rubs.
Chip likes whisker rubs, chin rubs, ear scratches & neck scratches.
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Jaz likes to be scratched just about everywhere except her belly. Scratch that area at your peril, she will gladly wrap all four sets of weaponry around your arm, and she wont let go Fave places are the base of her tail 'elevator butt ' and chin.

Jake likes his ears rubbed, hates anything near his rear end.

Izzy, well, she just collapses in a heap when scratches are on offer. Anywhere and everywhere for her
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Precious likes to be pet just about anywhere, even between her hind legs lol, .. all the time! When she's laying down on her back and I come to pet her, she purrs so loud you could hear her from 20ft away!! And she stretches and spreads out even more and she just looks like she's on !!!!!

My Sweetie usually likes tummy rubs too, or just about anywhere except too close to between her hind legs. She just doesn't like to have her belly pet when she's in a snappy/playful mood, which is pretty common but it doesn't last long She can be so confusing!! One minute I pet her and she scratches/bites (not very hard, and she would never do it to anybody but me once in awhile when she's really moody) me then runs away.... And the next minute she walks up to me, rubbing against my legs purring and looking at me with those "Oh I'm so sorry Meowmy I didn't mean it pwease forgive me!" it works every time!! So I scratch her behind her ears which is her favorite spot.
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Tailer likes to be rubbed under the chin, Harvey prefers you limit the petting to his head and ears, and Forest LOVES a good belly rub.
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Originally Posted by Leto86
Orion loves his belly to be rubbed.. but even more so if you scratch right in between his ears.. he freezes, closes and eyes.. and flattens his ears sideways, like a plane.. and will sit there until you stop.. he just loves that.
Yoda Ears! That's what we call it when Ophelia does that. She looks so silly.

Trent would choose "All of the Above." He especially loves to have his tummy rubbed.

Ophelia is more of a top of the head kitty - and when she gets real relaxed she gets Yoda Ears. But she's a prancer too - can't stand or sit or lay still when she gets loves. She just has to prance and dance around.
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Devin's all about the face anytime. Give his neck a few rubs/scratchs and he purrs, gets up and walks around then sits down for more.
He also likes a "full body pet" from José. Stroke from the head to the base of the tail and watch his elevator butt!
He'll also have a tummy rub when he's sleeping next to you. He'll paw my face (to wake me up if I'm sleeping) and then turn on his belly. If I dont do anything, he'll meow at me and give me this look "your time is running out!"
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Reilly loves scritches on his head and ears
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I can't answer this as it is all of the above. Scarlett is the biggest tummy slut around. Sage and Dakota doesn't care where you scritch them, as long as you scritch them - they contort their bodies all around trying to get you to scratch them in everyplace at once. Stumpy likes his cheeks stroked. Koko likes the top of her head. Pinky is the elevator butt guy. Eight-ball likes to be manhandled when scratched. Oscar just likes to be hugged close. Muddy just like to be held but only when you are standing. Who did I miss?
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I should have made it so you could pick more than one
I love hearing all the preference of everyone's kittys. They're all so cuddly! Thank God for cats
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