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My dad might have cancer

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About 2 months ago, there was a write-up on the front page of our city newspaper. The company that my father was employed with for about 10 years of his life,(before the company downsized), was being investigated because there was some chemical leaks found coming from that factory. The soil underneath the factory was contaminated, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood soil! And they were saying every employee who worked there should have themselves tested because this certain chemical causes cancer!!!
To put a long story short, my dad was tested on Monday, and they called him today and said to come in right away to speak to the doctor!!!! The earliest he could see him, because of work, is friday. Now I'm all stressed out,and he's worried, and so is my whole family!!!!!!
It would be appreciated if you could keep him in your thoughts, and prayers this week. I'll keep you posted on his results...pray for it to be nothing!!! I hope to god, it's nothing.
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I'm sending good thoughts your way!

At least the news of the chemical leaks is finally coming out. Now help can be given to those who might need it.
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I hope your dad will be ok....
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How terrible! I hope it's nothing. I'm sending some good thoughts your dad's way.

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Prayers are flying now for your father and your family........
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My thought go out to you and your father.
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Hugs, for you and good thoughts, for your dad. My dad is being treated, for prostate cancer and he's doing very well, at 75. Remember, dads are tough. They have to be - they raised us, didn't they?
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Good thoughts are coming your family's way! At least they finally came out with this information, so that the people who worked there can get checked out and get help if they need it. As soon as you find out something, let us know what happens.
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Thoughts and prayers to you and you family. Please keep us posted.
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I'll keep him in my prayers! I hope everything is ok!
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What a trying time for you and your family. Not knowing and waiting is sometimes worse than knowing. I hope and pray that there is nothing there.

Although nothing can prepare you if the news is not so good, I just wanted to share a bit from my experience when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We thought that the Dr. who told us the diagnosis and treatment options intitially was the biggest *itch she could have been. She was absolutely no nonsense and didn't beat around the bush. She had to give us the worst case scenario. She had to do this. There couldn't be any sugar coating so that we would be prepared for the fight that lay ahead of my mother and our family. It doesn't make it any easier at the time, but her "gruffness" was the only way to let us know what was really going on. My mother worked with this Dr. later in her treatment and she was really a very caring Dr. with great knowledge.

The best thing is that they are making great advances in treatment options every day. Hang in there and please keep us updated on the situation. We are all here for you! *HUGS*
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I am sending prayers your way.
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I too said a prayer for your father...I hope he will be okay. Please let us know what he finds out. My thoughts are with you.
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I hope everything works out. I remember when my dad had open heart surgery, it was a really scary time. He also had a cancer scare last year. Thank God everything is ok, but I understand what you are feeling. I will say an extra prayer for you and your family.
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All the best for you Dads results..... Hopefully it will all be well.... hugs
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Hoping for the best for your father. It's so tough when our parents have health concerns.
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Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. He goes in tomarrow to see the doctor about his results. I will keep you all posted on what's going on. Thank you again...
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