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I try to go once every 6-8 months
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Every 6 months here
Me too, since I was really young.
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I would go, but I don't like the dentist - not just my dentist - any sentist. My dentist insists on talking politics while I am in the chair - he knows I work for the government and when I am their he lets me know what he thinks are all of the problems that the government is causing (I am a lowly cog in the gov't wheel - like I can do anything). He has been a family friend since before I was born. I should go more often - I have the coverage, but I just can't make myself! Maybe afte the new baby is born, can't get xrays now!
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I love my dentist, if you can call him that. It's been four years since I last went. I haven't had insurance or the money to pay for dental services. I pay so much for my asthma and allergy treatment that it pretty much uses up any money I could put towards my teeth. I do brust three times a day, floss and use listerine daily, so I'm hoping my teeth are ok! My mom just told me about a dental clinic at a community college here that uses students and is pretty cheap. I think I will call and make an appointment soon.
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I went 3 years without a checkup and paid for it. Surface cavities everywhere! Now I have to do 5 or so visits to get 4-5 fillings filled each time, and each visit costs around $400-450, and that's WITH insurance.
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