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Post Potty Crazies!

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Ok, I know Oliver has his quirks, haha, but I'm pretty sure other animals do this too, I just have never figured out why.... so does anyone else's cat (or dog, lol) run around like a chicken with its head cut off after goin potty (especially after a poo!)?! It seems like the stinkier the poo, the crazier the cat! Ollie doesnt usually do it after just a pee, but he just peed a few minutes ago and shot out of his potty box and tore around the house like he was shot from a cannon!! I've seen my dog go a little crazy too after pooing occasionally too (she's 12 now though,so she doesnt do much tearin around in general anymore, haha).... there's no real problem here, haha, just another weird animal behavior that I just wonder about and would like input from y'all.... I guess it just feels good to them to not be full anymore, haha - man, I hope my friends and I dont take up the habit of running around like nuts after using the bathroom
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Sometimes Rosie jumps off and runs after a poop, and i'll normally say " Do you feel 2lb lighter sweetie?! "
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Lucky usually goes tearing off after a poop....sometimes before she's totally cleared the poop!!! Rambo often comes out chirping after he's stunk up the joint....i think he's proud of a job well done! :P
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Can't say that any of our does this.
Ivory though likes to come and cuddle when she's a stinky butt.

And she's a really stinky girl.
She comes and gets all lovey after going poo while the smell is still chasing her around, and she simply adores being all over me when she's gassy
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