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How Clever is Your Cat? Cat I-Q Test

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This is really interesting. I'm in the middle of doing it with my guys.

My only problem is Rocky's response to everything is to grab and run with it. lol

Have fun!
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Yay! My babies are brighter than average!
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Sabi won't sit still long enough... she just chews on whatever I'm touching/prodding her with.
She'll have to retake it when she's a bit older!
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Harley got 15 - At least he's average (or at least he is according to this test )
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We got 16!! Guess they are above average~according to that thing
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Rocket got fourteen and Mica got sixteen.
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We tried the test but Mitts was in a particularly sleepy mood. There are no options for "I'm tired and I'm not moving, regardless of your test mom"
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Precious is the only one right here at the moment - I didn't want to disturb Sweetie, she's sleeping... She got a 14! She's the shyer one. So she's "average" I guess. But she has the lowest score on here so far, compared to your cats!! But I didn't really have a feather, and I didn't want to take a shoelace out of my shoe, so it's not really fair.
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All of my kitties brighter than average league.
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I am with Yang - my little boy in underbed so not pilling him out but my little girl who is half sleeping my me just won't move. I do think she is super smart though as she hates having her toenails clipped so if I even point at them she runs away.
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That test is no fair! I counted at least five items on that list that would make JinJin (an ex-feral) jump a minimum of three feet in the air, turn herself completely inside out, then hide for the next two hours. Score that!
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KC got a twelve - Sherm kept doing odd things not on the list. I was SURE that he would play with the ball but he just kind of looked at it. He did the same with the feather.
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D'oh! My cats can't be bothered!
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