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Do you think you spend too much during the work week?

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I have just realized that I spend too much money when I am at work. Every morning I buy a tea and a snack (don't like eating before I get on the bus). I often (2-3 times per week) buy lunch. And sometimes at break I get a drink and a snack. I just realize that I spend anywhere from $3 to $15 a day at work! I have the ability to bring things, and there is a kettle in our lunch room. Why do I do it? Am I just lazy. My hubby makes his lunch every night before bed, but I always say I never know what I'll feel like eating tomorrow, then in the morning I'm often too tired to make anything. No wonder I was saving money last year when I was off on maternity leave!

Do you find yourself spending alot at work?
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I have to spend my travel fare, then I normally get a coffee at lunch. If I buy lunch too that costs me another 5pounds!

My trouble is, we have a great veggie cafe right next to my office, and they cook so much better than I can! lol
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I'm much better than I used to be- I have boxes of oatmeal and pop-tarts at my desk to eat for breakfast, I bring my own drinks to work (2 cans of pop, 1 bottle of water and a bottle of tea-hey I get thirsty!) but I'm usually going out to lunch, but I try to got McDonalds or Wendy's so I get stuff off the value menu I've stopped snacking, but I do try to keep a bag of candy for those late afternoon pick me ups
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I do spend a lit at work. I eat out most days. Its like a dollar or 2 to pack my lunch and more than twice that to buy. Yikes!! No wonder I never have money when thrusday comes around. Plus gas in the truck is 50 dollars a week or more with the way prices are these days!!
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I used to spend about $15 - $20 a week, but now that we have Ed, he's crated during the day, so I go home for lunch to let him out and I eat there. So now, I spend less than $5 a week.
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I must be really lucky... I work 2 miles from home, so I go home for lunch. I drink one cup of coffee and then water for the rest of the day. I do have my breakfast here at work, but that's usually a little packet of crackers with peanut butter that I get at Sam's Club for less than $3 for like 50 of them. So really, even with gas I spend less than a couple bucks day.
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I hardly spend any money at work - I live about a mile and a 1/2 from work - and I go home for lunch everyday. Unless I buy a pop or 2 (very rare) from the vending machine - which is 55 cents.
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I used to spend a lot during the week when I'd buy both breakfast and lunch on the run almost every day. Since I started dieting, though, I've been bringing stuff with me. I hardly spend anything now.
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I try to keep it to $3 or less a day. 99% of the time I do, but every now and then I treat myself to something like an $8 salad. Usually though it's bagged lunch or dollar menu for me. I'm cheap.
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We have a kitchenette at work, so I make hot tea, and occasionally coffee, there, and bring bottled water from home. I walk right past a bakery to get to school, so maybe two or three days a week I'll buy a soft pretzel for breakfast. I usually bring a sandwich for lunch now, or heat up some soup, since I'm no longer allowed to work through the lunch break (union rules). Lately I've become positively addicted to the chef salads (€2.55) a place in the train station sells, and pick one up once or twice a week, and keep it in the fridge till the lunch break. I know I should make one up at home, and probably will start doing that once the weather is better and I can get the stuff straight from the garden.
One of my colleagues, who loves to cook, and buys his produce from the city market fresh every day, always brings in very elaborate lunches, with sliced vegetables and fruit, pasta, etc.. I asked him one time how long it takes him to make up his "lunch boxes" in the morning, and he said, "20 - 30 minutes!" I'd rather have the extra sleep.
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I always eat breakfast at home and make up a sandwich for lunch along with a yoghurt and some fruit.
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I'm not much into making lunches when my eyes are still half shut. If there are interesting leftovers, I'll bring them for lunch. And I keep a little stash of cheese, crackers, yogurt, soups, that keep me from spending too much. Though about once a week I weaken and buy a ham and cheese croissant from the coffee shop downstairs -- and I do pick up a muffin there on the way in in the morning, and sometimes a cappuccino. So my daily expenditure ranges from $1.18, if all I buy is the muffin, to about $10, if I go the whole hog. But generally I do better than when I used to go off campus every day and buy lunch -- that was a good break, but so is TCS

(Now I'd better get back to work.)
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I'm big on brown bagging. One 'cos I'm cheap, and 2 because it's so much easier to control what you eat. Of course I always have chocolate and lollies in there, so it's not exactly healthier.
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I travel for a 40 mile radius so brown bagging is much harder... I am curbbing spanding as I realized I spent 150 ish a month eating out .... so far I have it down to about 90... hoping to get it down to about 50
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I have been pretty bad lately. For a while I was good with bringing lunch and whatnot.

I usually get coffee every morning at 7-11. I also have a bad scratch off habit. lol Although I did win $50 the other day which was awesome. Then I'll usually order out lunch. Today I spent about $15 on lunch for sushi. But that was ok because I used the money I won with my ticket.
Usually, I try to only spend about $5 on lunch.
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I usually only work 4 or 6 hours, so it's not a huge deal to wait until I get home to eat. But I MUST eat breakfast. If not, I'll feel sick by noon and become unable to function. And most mornings are so hectic that I don't have time to fix/eat breakfast. So I usually grab McDonald's for breakfast ($3.32 a day, I think). Once every week or two, I find myself having lunch at Chik Fil A, which is right next door to where I usually work. That runs $6.62 but I just can't help myself! I really love Chik fil a. But a bigger problem than spending moeny on food is buying things at the pet stores! It's very hard for me to spend a day in a pet store and not buy anything! Funny how I can say "I need to get a bag of dog food before I leave..." and somehow spend $70! Whenever hubby happens to be in the pet store with me, or when he calls me on my lunch break as I'm eating my Chik Fil A chicken strips, all he can say is "No wonder you're always broke..." LMAO!

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