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Thank you all. Yeah, Jinx was also given heart pills, and believe it or not is doing great. He hasn't had one of his spells in weeks, and we are really proud of him. He's a soldier, if you ask me. He won't give up, and neither will we. Thanks again to all of you, and like I said, you're all in my and Jinx's hearts.
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That's wonderful news Tyler - thanks for keeping us posted. Give Jinx a big hug from all of us.
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Aw, Tyler, I'm so glad you & Jinx are both doing so much better!
Here's hoping you have years & years together.
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I am sorry to hear about poor Jinx. I just came home frrom work (veterinary technician) and read about Jinx. I agree with everyone else that your need to PLEASE convince your mom to take him to the vet, or humanely let him pass. I know it might be out of your control but leaving him home to die is not fair to Jinx. It may not be poisoning at all, he could have been hit by a car or worse, but leaving him without treatment if cruel. I do not mean to be rude about your mother but that is just not right. If it is a money issue there is a credit card made just for animals called Care Credit, which anyone is elligible for. PLEASE, PLEASE do your best to get Jinx to a vet ASAP. I will keep you in my thoughts and send good vibes Jinx's direction. Take Care!
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