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Danielle thats beautiful!
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Awwww Dan...
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That was so sweet Dan!
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Originally Posted by huggles
how can I explain how much I love you?

I can not explain how you make me feel. Your smiles, your laughter, your happiness just make all those bad times disappear. When I am not with you I think of you constantly and typing this now, while your sleeping brings tears to my eyes.

I know I really am a selfish person and I honestly never believed I could love someone as much as I love you. Your my life. My life really is complete now that your here and I never thought that would be possible. I still can not believe that I have a daughter. I still can not believe how lucky I am.

I laugh when you laugh. I smile when you smile. Yet I cry when you cry.

Thankyou Jasmine - your the light in my life that I didnt know I needed. Your a gift and I love you.
Dan...you should print this and frame it.
When sweet Jasmine is an adult...she can look at it and know how much her Mother loved her when she was only 7 months old.
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I can't believe she's 7 months old already. You're gonna have a heartbreaker on your hands.
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WOw....Your daughter is ABSOLTELY ADORABLE!

She is sooo pretty...those eyes are amazing. You should get her into some kind of modeling program. In all of those pictures it looks like she's modeling the clothes she's wearing. Awesome job on the kid making. lol
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Danielle, your poem is beautiful!

Jasmine is going to be so proud of her Mummy!
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Danielle that is gorgeous. Brought tears to my eyes. I really can't wait til I can say that about my own kids.
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I've just read your words to Jasmine and i knew i shouldn't have read it at work!
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What a lovely Letter to Baby. You really should save it for Jasmine, Dan. It's something to treasure, even if she doesn't know that yet.
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Danielle, I think we need some updated pictures of sweet little Jasmine!
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Awwwww Dan - your words brought tears to my eyes. That is so beautiful - I know exactly how you feel - later on they will mean so much to Jasmine. She is growing up surrounded by love and you can just tell from her photos how happy and secure she is.

You are a wonderful Mum to you precious little girl
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Danielle, I think we need some updated pictures of sweet little Jasmine!
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Wow, what a sweet baby she is..I would love to see more pics for sure
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Danielle, I think we need some updated pictures of sweet little Jasmine!
awwww thankyou I havent updated this thread in a couple of months and I was planning on waiting until the 12th of June to share some more photos and update you with her progress.

But since you have asked, I will do it now

Jasmine is almost 9 months old can you believe it?

She is such an angel and really is so very happy. She laughs all the time and its just beautiful to hear.

The last month she has progressed so much and is learning so many new things. She has been saying mama mama now for about 6 weeks but no dada or anything else.

As of a week a go she is officially crawling and she has just managed to learn how to crawl up the stairs. I am not sure whether to be excited at this or petrified
She is also pulling herself up to a standing position by holding on to things but also knows that to get down she is going to fall and hurt herself so she usually just cries until we help her lol

Still no teeth and no sign of teeth whatsoever. My mother believes that she may be walking before she has teeth

I do have so many photos to share...

on the ferry in the whitsundays

happiest girl in the world

at the beach

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ooohhh its a bit cold Mum!!

dad protecting her from the crocodiles at the beach

sleeping girls are so beautiful

all rugged up and ready for a walk

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oh and I also made this photo montage if anyone would like to have a look

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Aww Danielle were you at Port Douglas??
Because the places in the pics look familiar

She is beautiful Danielle!

P.s that video is so cool! :claps:
Tell her not to grow up so quick!
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What a nice way to wake up..........even Jerry looked over my shoulder and said, OH MY, what cheeks!!! She is a doll!!!
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Awww!, she gets cuter and cuter everyday!!, I love her little rosey cheeks!
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Sweet Jasmine becomes more beautiful every time I see a picture of her.:
Her delightful montage is a reminder of how fast she is changing.
Her charisma is all Jaz.
Keep 'em coming...
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What a beautiful little girl. The video is a wonderful walk through her life and growth.
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Loved the sweet poem you wrote for her and video colage and all of the pics. \t She is definitely a cutie! I really loved the picture of her with the other little baby, I think it's so cute when they interact with other babies of the same age.
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I haven't bee on much and that beautiful baby is getting so BIG, Dan! She sure is gorgeous!
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Oh my dear goodness, any single one of those pictures sent to ANY baby clothing or product company and they would be throwing money your direction just to get your sweetie in a photoshoot. She is handsdown one of the most photogenic and happy babies I've seen! You must run the gammut of emotions every day with this cutie. I love that you really enjoy her so much, so many parents stay in the 'fed-up, overstressed' mode, and forget to really treasure their sweethearts! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pics of your little doll, so don't be stingy ok?! Lol. You get the real live version, we could never be bored with pictures!!!!
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My goodness - she just grows more beautiful every day! Honestly (and not that I'm biased ) Jasmine is one of the most beautiful babies I've seen!!
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Danielle, she is getting so big! What a happy girl she is - you are so blessed!

She could be a model for any baby product, she'd win, hands down!

Thanks for the share!
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She is beautiful!! She is truly an angel. And shes got some beautiful eyes and smile.
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OOOOOOOOOO, a JAzzy fix!!!! How lovely! Our girl is getting so big, and is so beautiful. Thanks, Dan.
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